Wet N Wilds Rainbow Highligher Is A Best Seller

by Kali Borovic

If you're looking to up your highlight game, then look no further. Wet N Wild just created a rainbow highlighter, and it's already a fan favorite. The product has six different colors for you to swipe across your face in any pattern your little heart desires. Is the Wet N Wild Rainbow Highlighter sold out, you ask? Well, they don't call it a bestseller for no reason.

There have been tons of different highlighters released lately. BECCA created two new shades, Jouer came out with three, and MAC Cosmetics has some new ones in in the works. None are quite like this though. Wet N Wild created a six-shade rainbow highlight that is anything but your typical beauty item.

The product is totally affordable too. So cheap that it's actually already sold out. The $5 highlight was out of stock just a few hours after it hit the online shop, and there's no word of it coming to stores. It might not be the most conventional product out there, but it's definitely a crowd-pleaser. If you want to see it in action, check out this cool Refinery29 video that demonstrates how the rainbow highlighter looks on skin.

Although the highlighter is out of stock, there is still hope to get your hands on it. There's a note on the Wet 'N Wild website that states product will be back in stock eventually. There's no telling when you'll be able to shop it again, but you can sign up to receive emails to be the first to know.

Just one look and it's clear to see how it sold out so fast. This isn't the first time that their cheek products have flown off the shelves either. Wet N Wild's MegaGlow Highlighting Powder sells out just as fast every time it's in stock as well.

Color Icon Rainbow Highlighter, $5 (out of stock),

Of course, the idea isn't completely unique. Earlier in the year, the company Bitter Lace Beauty came out with their own multi-colored product. Everyone from YouTubers to makeup enthusiasts were intrigued, and for a good reason.

You'll want to be sitting by your computer next time the product goes on sale. I'm willing to bet that they'll fly off the virtual shelves the second time around too.

Images: wetnwildbeauty/Instagram (1), wet n wild (1)