These Creative DIY Classes Are Your Next Obsession

Everyone's been there. You see a cool Instagram, a well lettered chalkboard sign, or even a splashy painting and think, I wish I was more artistic. But being in touch with your creative side isn't solely reserved for art school grads. Whether you take an online calligraphy class, learn how to letter, or finally commit to mastering your DSLR camera, there are so many opportunities for being creatively fulfilled while actually making stuff you love in the process.

In fact, there are about 70 of those opportunities over at Brit + Co. right now, where you can start your creative skill of choice in less than an hour. Online classes taught by industry pros break down the basics of everything from calligraphy and embroidery to how to build your brand identity. Each class has an introductory trailer you can watch to see if it's the course for you, and you can also see lesson plans, materials needed, and get a vibe for the teacher who's sharing their expertise.

You are creative. Sometimes, it just takes a little shove (and a very deliberate carving out of time — in this case, less than 70 minutes' worth) to discover what you can do. Check out some of Brit + Co.'s most popular classes below, and see the rest over on Brit + Co.

1. Calligraphy 101 Online Class

Calligraphy 101 Online Class , $29, Brit + Co.

Brit + Co.'s most popular online class at the moment, this 40-minute intro to calligraphy course will help you pen gorgeous upper and lower case letters and numbers (aka, you're about to have the most 'grammable greeting cards in the game). Taught by Lauren Essl of Blue Eye Brown Eye, the designer (whose stationery you may have seen at Anthropologie) will send you off with a pretty greeting card to show your friends.

2. lntro To Chalk Lettering Online Class

Intro To Chalk Lettering Online Class , $29, Brit + Co.

Ready to get your hands dusty? Valerie McKeehan of chalk art stationery brand Lily & Val walks you through selecting your own brand of chalk lettering in this 68-minute course — from the curve of the letters to the embellishments that will make your designs stand out from the other amateurs'. Whether you're doodling on an office chalkboard or writing a reminder to yourself at home, get ready to be blown away by your skills.

3. Watercolor Painting Online Class

Watercolor Painting Online Class , $29, Brit + Co.

If adult coloring books just aren't enough for you anymore, it's time to take doodling to the next level. This 60-minute course breaks down the watercolor basics: color theory, how to use different brushes, and how to paint shapes (like a rose or full bouquet). At the end, you'll have your own bouquet watercolor painting to show for it, thanks to watercolor extraordinaire Jenna Rainey's spot-on guidance, and you'll also have a brand new way to destress after work.

4. Intro To Embroidery Online Class

Intro To Embroidery Online Class , $29, Brit + Co.

Your guide on the path to badass embroidery is Kristen Gula, the seriously entertaining and engaging designer behind Gulush Threads. Gula said embroidery offered her a way to relax by getting creative, and now you can absorb the seasoned pro's 41 minutes' worth of advice on all the basics, like transferring designs onto fabric through different stitch techniques and tying off threads.

5. Intro To DSLR Photography Online Class

Intro To DSLR Photography Online Class , $39, Brit + Co.

You got that brand new fancy camera, but you're still not shooting the images you know you're capable of producing. Allow photographer extraordinaire Jenna Kutcher to walk you through the DSLR basics — working with different lighting, adjusting camera settings, and organizing the scene for an in-house photo shoot. After 34 minutes, your friends will be begging you to document the next road trip.

Sound like fun? You can check out plenty of other courses, spanning everything from how to up your Instagram game to how to nail a job interview, over on Brit + Co. Head to the course listing page to see what you can accomplish next.

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Images: Brit + Co.