DIY 'Gilmore Girls' Halloween Costume Ideas That Are Perfect For BFFs

If you can't actually be Lorelai and Rory Gilmore IRL, do the next best thing: dress up as the Gilmore Girls for Halloween. Considering Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life is set to debut on Netflix just weeks after Halloween — and seeing how it seems like it's perpetually fall in Stars Hollow — be the hit of whatever your Halloween plans entail by grabbing your bestie and going in costume as the coffee-guzzling mom-and-daughter duo. You'll be (pop) culturally relevant, you'll have everyone fawning over how ~creative~ you are, and you'll never be exhausted because you get to drink coffee (or whatever it is you'll be drinking in those coffee cups) all night long. It's a triple win, and the hardest part will be choosing which Gilmore to be.

Considering the Girls' early 2000s wardrobes existed of sweaters out of the dELiA*s catalogue and printed tanks with Julius the monkey (remember Paul Frank?), it's not too hard to recreate some of their most iconic looks. The easiest ones for Rory involve her school clothes (a Chilton uniform or some kind of Yale identifier for those college years), and a pink tie-dyed shirt and some Daisy Dukes to channel Lorelai's the-fuzzy-alarm-clock-didn't-go-off-in-time-and-I-have-no-clothes-to-wear-to-bring-Rory-to-her-first-day-of-Chilton ensemble.

Check out the easiest Gilmore Girls costumes around.

Chilton Rory

Pale Blue Button Down

Button Up, $20, Kohl's

The above is $19.99 at Kohl's, while this one below, from Big Top Shirt Shop, is for just over $19 and comes in sizes up to 4XL.

Button Up, $19, Big Top Shirt Shop

Navy Blue Sweater Vest

Vest, $48, J. Crew

A little pricey at $48 from J. Crew, but they constantly have Internet coupon codes! Or, you can look for a version at a local thrift store or just cut the arms off of a navy sweater.

Blue Plaid Skirt

This one is $51 from Brooks Brothers, while the one below is $24 and comes in sizes 10-24.

Skirt, $24, Wear All

Complete the whole look with some long black socks and Converse, if you have 'em.

Yale Rory

Yale Tee

Yale Tee, $20, Amazon

Basic Blue Denim Jeggings

Jeggings, $25+, American Eagle

These are now under $40 from American Eagle (and are available in sizes 00 - 20), if you don't already have jeans yourself.

Rory's-First-Day-At-Chilton Lorelai

Pink Tie-Dyed Shirt

Pink Tie Dye Shirt, $16, Amazon

You won't pay more than $16 for this dead ringer, which is available from sizes Youth Small up to Adult 3XL.

Jean Shorts

Jean Shorts, $25+, American Eagle

Score these cutoffs for $25 from American Eagle.

Long Black Overcoat

Long Black Cardigan, $20, Amazon

Grab this sweater from Amazon for under $25.

Luke's Diner-Obsessed Lorelai

Because Lorelai wasn't just in love with Luke — she also loved his food. (Obviously, it blew Al's Pancake World out of the water.)

Luke's Diner T-Shirt

Luke's Diner T-Shirt, $18, Etsy

Score this Stars Hollow NECESSITY for just $18 on Etsy (it's available in sizes S-XXL).

Classic Blue Jeans

Jegging, $25, American Eagle

The same ones from Rory's Yale ensemble — on sale for $25.

And Of Course, No Look Is Complete Without One Of These

Luke's Diner Tumbler, $12, Etsy

Which you can grab on Etsy for just under $12 each.

It's fall in Stars Hollow — it's about time that you looked like it.

Images: Warner Bros. Television Distribution (3) Kohl's (2) Big Top Shirt Shop; J. Crew; Brooks Brothers; WearAll; Amazon; American Eagle (3); Epic Sports; Etsy (2)