These Are Lorelai Gilmore's Most Important Outfits

by Julia Musto

I used to watch Gilmore Girls with my mom precisely at 5 pm every day after school on ABC Family. I was more of a Rory growing up, but Lorelai was my favorite character. I also looked a lot more like Lorelai, and made note of her most important Lorelai Gilmore outfits. I was a budding fashion designer and blogger growing up, so these were the kinds of details I remembered from watching my fave TV shows. It's like my brain divided certain information into different piles and the valuable facts were all separated and then incinerated while which Lorelai outfits I'd actually want to wear in 10 years remained.

That being said, the facts I did remember would also be the same facts that got me a job writing for Bustle, so I deem them valuable. Additionally, paying attention to Lorelai's fashion sense has done me a world of good in life. It's made me more stylish and better able to converse quickly while eating pizza and coffee at rapid speed. A lot of Lorelai's most important outfits over the course of the series included DVF-patterned dresses, tie-dyed shirts, hair accessories, and awesome at-home movie night loungewear.

I still aim to replicate a lot of these looks (and a lot of her sassy wordplay) today. Here are a few of Lorelai's most important and memorable looks.

1. The Cut-Off Jorts

This is what Lorelai wore to meet Rory's headmaster on her first day at Chilton. And a huge black overcoat. Love it.

2. The Layered Snuggly Look

This is such a Friends coffeehouse moment. Plus, I love the lacy came under the v-neck. It's like a modern day bralette.

3. The Proposal Look

This was worn during a very special Luke and Lorelai episode. Wink wink.

4. The Giant Metallic Accessory

Only she could pull this one off. I think brooches are coming back too, guys.

5. The Tie-Dyed Errand Outfit

This tie-dyed shirt is perfect for errands and/or Woodstock. I want to see if I can make this work.

6. The Furry Coat

The furry coat is just something every New Yorker should have to look glam and warm. I'm thinking a pink furry one for 2016.

7. The Gorgeous Sapphire Dress

This dress was worn when Luke and Lorelai broke up for the gajillionth time.

8. The Twin Outfit

This was a turning point for Emily and Lorelai and was totally one of my favorite episodes.

9. The Tie-Neck Peasant Dress

This dress is goals. And peasant is totes coming back, right? RIGHT?

10. The Marriage Proposal Sweater

I kind of just liked the Big Fish flowers, but this scene was really important for Lorelai!

11. The Turtleneck

The turtleneck corduroy combo makes me want to take a time machine back to when it was acceptable.

12. The Perfect Formal Dress

Lorelei's wedding dress looked stunning, and was maybe the most important dress she wore.

13. The Patterned Sundress

This patterned sundress was optimal work attire.

14. The Sad Suit

This is Lorelai being heartbroken and also me on any given night (see: snack spread).

15. The Pastel Coat

Why are there so many sad Luke and Lorelai moments? Regardless florals are getting tired; I'm for pastels all the way.

16. The Matching Jammies

I have never been one to wear matchy pajamas, so I think I'm old enough that it's acceptable. Although, maybe not, like, flannel ice cream cones!

17. The Perfect Strapless Dress

Lorelei looks hot in this leather trimmed strapless dress.

18. The Sweet Buffalo Checks

Totally perfect for pizza night and every day!

19. The Perfect Athleisure

Athleisure is the best thing that has ever happened to us — and to Lorelai.

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Images: The CW (20)