This 'American Horror Story' Easter Egg Revealed The 'Scream Queens' Killer & We All Missed It

For weeks, fans obsessed over the many promos for Season 6 of American Horror Story , only to learn that — surprise! — only one of the teasers for the new season was the real deal. The authentic promo for American Horror Story: Roanoke was revealed to be the teeth-filled "Wind Chimes," but, as it turns out, there may have been a major clue in another promo as well — just not a clue for American Horror Story. This American Horror Story Easter egg may have hinted at the Scream Queens Season 2 killer long before the new season of the show premiered, and it's crazy to think we all missed it.

American Horror Story Season 6 delivered promos that were all wildly different from one another, but one that really stuck out was the promo for "Blind Date." While the other promos have an eerie, unsettling tone, "Blind Date" is more campy than creepy. It features a blonde woman getting pulled into a lake by a Creature From The Black Lagoon-esque swamp monster while screaming out "I have to go back to my sorority!" Eventually, the two are pulled into the water, only to emerge holding hands while romantic music swells. The whole scene is more goofy than scary, which isn't exactly how creator Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story typically presents itself. Maybe that's because this scene was inspired by a different Murphy show: Fox's horror-comedy Scream Queens.

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Season 1 of Scream Queens featured the Red Devil as the slasher of the season, and Season 2 of the show introduced yet another masked serial killer. This time, the killer in question is dressed as a swamp monster, seemingly in reference to a local legend about a monster lurking in the waters just beyond the hospital. At the end of the premiere episode of Season 2, the swamp monster made his first kill by offing a hospital patient who just cured her "werewolf disease." He also, potentially, murdered his second victim of the hour, since Chanel #5 may have also gotten the axe after we smashed to black.

Hmm... a swamp monster targeting a sorority girl? Seems a lot like what went down in that mysteriously campy AHS teaser. Could American Horror Story and Scream Queens creator Murphy have tied these two shows together in a way that would have us doing a double take at the new Scream Queens monster? Murphy may have teased fans with one crazy clue in "Blind Date" — and, like a guy who looks nothing like his Tinder picture, we would have never seen it coming.

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