This DIY Pun BB-8 Costume Will Make Your 'Force Awakens' Halloween So Much Funnier

After a seriously long wait, you better believe that Star Wars: The Force Awakens had to introduce new droid characters that were just as lovable as R2-D2 and C-3P0. Fortunately, the new film in the Star Wars franchise did one better: it introduced us to the cutest character ever to exist in the galaxy far, far away. I'm, of course, talking about BB-8, the forever rolling, eternally loyal sidekick of resistance fighter Poe Dameron. Though Rey may have gotten a lot of the credit for finding Luke Skywalker, it was BB-8 that was able to supply her with the way to get there, making the droid the adorable hero of the story. Sure, you could dress up as the equally-heroic Rey or General Leia for Halloween, but why not do something a little different? Creating your own DIY BB-8 Halloween costume is easier than you might think.

If you already had your Star Wars Halloween idea locked down since stepping out of the theater after The Force Awakens premiere, then you may have already scanned the internet for a BB-8 costume. A store-bought costume is totally cool, but you don't have to literally dress up as BB-8 in order to be BB-8. Instead, why not go for the punny variation on this costume? Here's how to dress as BB-8 in a way only pun-happy Star Wars fans will understand — by going as baby eight.

1. Get A Black Tee Shirt

Your base for BB-8 is super simple. Snag a black tee shirt, like this Basic T-Shirt from H&M's men's department that will only run you $6.99.

2. Show Off Your Talents With White Fabric Paint

This Marvy Uchida DecoFabric Fabric Paint Marker can be purchased for $3.99 at Michael's online shop. No need to be super crafty for this: simply draw a number eight, around the size of a hairbrush, in the center of your tee shirt. Then, draw a circle around it. The result should look similar to the design on a Magic 8 Ball.

3. Buy This Baby Accessories

This Adult Oversize Pacifier from online story Candy Apple Costumes is available for $3.99. Slip it around your neck like a necklace. Have a baby bag you can raid? Make sure to thoroughly clean any real pacifiers you plan on using.

4. Don A Bonnet

Really sell that you're a baby with this Adult Baby Bonnet And Bib from Candy Apple Costumes. A real baby's bib might be too tiny for your neck, so stick to one made for adults.

5. Rock A Diaper

You could go to your local CVS and buy an actual adult diaper, but if you'd rather rock one that's designed to be a costume (as opposed to an actual thing that has a function) you can order this Adult Baby Costume Jumbo Diaper for $3.99 from Candy Apple Costumes. No need to wear it solo; it's almost funnier if you wear it over your pants.

And there you have it: you're officially going to your Halloween party as baby eight, the punny cousin of your friend's BB-8 costume.

Images: Walt Disney Studios; H&M; Michael's; Candy Apple Costumes (3)