Will This 'Shark Tank' Company Slide Into Success?

Businesspeople usually keep it pretty formal when it comes to their work attire. Images of suits, ties, blouses, dresses, and the like probably come to mind. That's how you'll always see the Sharks look in every episode of Shark Tank, at least. So does a company like ISlide, which specializes in more casual clothing items, have any chance of scoring a deal on Shark Tank ?

We'll have to wait until Friday night's Season 8 premiere episode of Shark Tank airs to know for sure. But once the Sharks hear about the cool concept behind ISlide, its big-name endorsements, and its success, they may be more inclined to loosen up when it comes to their sartorial choices.

But which Sharks will want to slip into what ISlide has to offer? Well, with six — count 'em — six Sharks in the Tank at once in the episode for the first time ever, it could become quite the feeding frenzy. However, I suspect Shark Tank's reigning king of fashion, Daymond John, the "Queen of QVC" Lori Grenier, and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will be most interested in the company because ISlide is connected as much to the world of fashion as it is connected to sports. And that, my friends, could mean some big money for the Sharks.

So why, exactly, are people clamoring to buy what ISlide is selling? That should become very clear below.

Slide It Your Way With ISlide

On the surface, ISlide's products may just look like sandals that you can buy from pretty much anywhere. But the difference with these slip-on sandals is that you can customize "the Mantra" style to your heart's content, from color to graphics (you can even upload your own images to use) to text, which is really the bread and butter of the company. You just can't put any copyrighted material on your slides.

If designing your own sandals is a bit too overwhelming for you, there are some cute pre-made styles too, featuring everything from motivational phrases to the American flag to some emojis. There's also a "Waves Gel" style featuring a patent-pending waves design that's supposed to replicate "the sensation of walking on water," according to ISlide's website. So basically, this ultimate beach bum footwear brings the beach wherever you are.

It's Perfect For Sports Lovers

Since ISlide sandals are made to be customized, it's no surprise that the company has a pair for every NBA logo. Didn't I tell you that Mark would love this company? It even targets sports teams, which may want to buy a pair of these locker room essentials for every member of the team, with a special ordering form on the ISlide website just for them. You'll even soon be able to show your love for your fave sports legends since the company has acquired the rights to retired NBA players, such as Larry Bird, Allen Iverson, and Shaquille O'Neal, according to a report published by BostInno published in August.

It's Got A Lot Of Famous Fans

Perhaps that's why ISlide is so beloved among pro athletes. Steph Curry, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Klay Thompson have all been spotted with a pair of ISlide shoes on, as seen on the company's website. Pittsburgh Steelers player Antonio Brown, who designed his very own out-of-this-world pair of ISlide sandals, will even be accompanying the ISlide founder and CEO Justin Kittredge to the Tank, as you can see in the above photo from the episode. The shoes are big among hip hop stars too, with Fabolous, Big Sean, T.I., and Rick Ross as fans, as well as DJ Khaled, who also designed a pair of ISlide shoes and subsequently gifted them to the likes of Justin Bieber and Ellen Degeneres, according to Boston.com.

You Too Can Be As Cool As These ISlide Wearers

All you have to do is buy a pair of ISlide sandals, which can be done through the company's website. The shoes start at $49.99 a pair, which isn't cheap, I know, but can you really put a price on fly footwear?

ISlide Is Sliding To Success

If you do buy a pair of ISlide sandals, you'll be contributing to the company's phenomenal projected growth for this year. "This year we are on track for 300-400 percent growth and have managed to do this with raising very little capital compared to most footwear companies that start out," Kittredge told BostInno in August. We should expect to see ISlide pull in some big sales after its Shark Tank appearance, at least.

The Founder Is More Than Familiar With Footwear

ISlide was founded by Kittredge in 2013 after he spent more than a year working in the basketball division of Reebok, according to Boston.com. After seeing growth in the slides market, he did what any entrepreneur would do: start his own company.

We'll see how much — or how little — that gamble has paid off for Kittredge when he appears on Shark Tank Friday night.

Images: Michael Desmond/ABC (3)