Kylie Cosmetics' New Kyshadow Is Coming Soon

Kylie Cosmetics has several surprises coming fans' way. That is, if you believe one of her most recent Snapchats. Thanks to an interview of Jenner on Kylie Radio on her app, the new Kylie Cosmetics Kyshadow will be here in October. That's right, fans, you've only got a few short weeks to wait until the next palette drops, and it's time to get ready and brush up on your online shopping prowess.

On Wednesday, Jenner announced that she'd be doing an interview with best friend Jordyn Woods over on Kylie Radio, a feature of her mobile app. During the interview, Woods and Jenner asked for questions using #KylieRadio, and of course, questions about what's next for Kylie Cosmetics arose. Jenner didn't give too much away, but she did let fans know that her latest Kyshadow palette is definitely on its way.

During the interview, a question was raised regarding what was up next for Jenner's eponymous brand. While she didn't say much regarding the palette's shades, she did tell Woods that she was wearing the palette on Wednesday. Lucky for fans of Jenner, she took to her Snapchat account right before her interview with Woods. Have fans officially seen their first look?

In her Snapchat from before the interview, Jenner can be seen rocking a look similar to her everyday style. While it's definitely possible that Jenner had worn the new palette before and switched looks, the shades did look slightly different than those found in the Bronze palette.

Though Jenner has a filter over her video, the eyeshadow looks she's rocking has almost a pink-brown hue to it lending a bit of credibility to theories that the new palette could be in the burgundy family.

On her lid, it appears as though Jenner could be rocking a golden hue, so there's really no way to know what's coming next.

However, if Jenner's Kylie Radio interview is to be believed, we'll all know more in October, so get excited for the new Kyshadow palette fans!

Images: Kylie Jenner/Snapchat(3)