Kylie Jenner Teased More Kylie Cosmetics Surprises

Kylie Jenner can't seem to stay out of the headlines as of late. Whether she's transitioning to blonde hair or slaying ensembles at fashion week, she's been a busy girl, and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Kylie Jenner teased Kylie Cosmetics surprises on her Snapchat during the weekend. If fans have been keeping up with the reality star's social media, they've seen that Jenner had already attended four Kylie Cosmetics meetings before her announcement that the brand's surprises were coming fans' way. The big question, though? What's the fall and winter hashtag going to be?

The last time Jenner had a plethora of surprises from her eponymous cosmetics line was during her #SummerSurprises. It included her entire birthday collection as well as the new lip kits shades of Kristen, Ginger, and Maliboo. Since she's clearly got more coming down the pipeline, based on previous surprises, fans certainly seem to have a lot to look forward to.

First on the list for potential surprises, though, is definitely Jenner's next Kyshadow palette. The star has been teasing social media users with black and white Snapchat swatches for a few weeks now, and if I had to guess, it's going to be the first of her fall and winter surprises.

Jenner's new Kyshadow palette has been one of the biggest mysteries since Kylie Cosmetics' inception. Sure, everyone was wondering what was up with Jenner's mysterious gloss campaign from last year and a new lip kit shade is always newsworthy, but Kyshadow? It takes mystery and excitement to a new level.

While no theories about shade ranges have been confirmed, the hype is definitely real. However, it's doubtful that the Kyshadow palette is the only surprise she's got coming. Considering that her line has expanded so much, there's really no telling what's coming next.

As for me, I'll just be over here hoping that Kylie Cosmetics fall and winter surprises are foundation related because that all-matte signature Kylie Jenner look would be bomb for the colder weather.