How To Send Spoonful Of Comfort From 'Shark Tank' Because Nothing Says You Care Like Food

The millionaire and billionaire investors of Shark Tank may be cold-blooded animals, I mean, people, but even they get sick every once in a while. And when they do, what do they probably want to eat more than anything? Some good-old-fashioned chicken noodle soup, just like mom used to make. So when the entrepreneurs behind the company Spoonful of Comfort appear on Shark Tank in Friday night's episode, the Sharks, as well as the viewers at home, are probably going to want to know how to get this product.

Well, I'll explain all that a little bit later. But first, can we all just take a second to appreciate the name of this company and how much it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside? I can seriously feel the chicken noodle soup settling into my stomach just from reading the name. So, yeah, I want to know more about this company before it takes the stage during Friday night's episode of Shark Tank. Don't you?

Of course, the Sharks don't always respond well when entrepreneurs try to play into their emotions or appeal to their nostalgia on the show. The only thing that'll really make their eyes widen or their ears perk up is the promise of some cold, hard cash going into their wallets after making an investment in the company. Will Spoonful of Comfort do that for them? Judge for yourself after getting a mouthwatering introduction to the company below.

Send Your Best Wishes In The Form Of Food

Chicken noodle soup has long been the food of choice for moms to serve their under-the-weather little ones. Thanks to Spoonful of Comfort, you can now do the same over long distances for anyone needing a physical or emotional pick-me-up. This company allows you to send care packages featuring a soup (chicken noodle, country fresh tomato basil, or mushroom, which is coming soon), and cookies (oatmeal raisin, chocolate chip, or sugar cookies) to loved ones who could use some comfort.

It All Comes In A Pretty, Little Package

The soup and cookies that come in each of the packages already sound amazing, but it gets even better than that. According to Spoonful of Comfort's website, a package starts with a 64-ounce jar of soup, which provides four to six servings, a half-dozen bacci rolls, a half-dozen cookies, a ladle, and a personalized note card. It all comes in a delightful bundle, the sight of which would make anyone cheer up.

Chicken Noodle Soup May Actually Have Health Benefits

People have long turned to eating some chicken noodle soup when they're not feeling well, but does it actually make you feel better? Though there is no cure for the common cold, some experts have found that the food can help alleviate cold symptoms speed up the recovery process.

Warm liquids like chicken noodle soup can make mucous move faster through the nose, which can relieve congestion and decrease the amount of time viruses are in contact with the lining of the nose, according to the Mayo Clinic. Consuming warm liquids also helps prevent dehydration.

Dr. Stephen Rennard, a pulmonary expert at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, has been widely cited for his research on the subject. He found evidence that there's something in chicken noodle soup that lessens the amount of white blood cells that congregate in the lung area, which could possibly reduce cold symptoms, according to a report by ABC News.

I should note that none of this research is conclusive, but at least there's hope that chicken noodle soup does more good than just being tasty.

You Can Start Sending Comfort Now

Spoonful of Comfort's packages are available to send through the company's official online store. Packages start at $69.99, but you can add on items for even more comfort, such as tea or a blanket.

It's Not Just A Get-Well-Soon Gift

No matter how you're feeling, food makes everything instantly better. Spoonful of Comfort has packages fit for any occasion, whether it's to celebrate the birth of a new baby, send your condolences, or just because you want to let someone know you're thinking about him or her.

There's A Heartbreaking Story Behind This Company's Founding

Marti Wymer, Spoonful of Comfort's CEO and founder, was inspired to establish the company after long distance prevented her from being by her mother's side when she was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2007, according to the company's website. "I was so upset and felt helpless being so far away. I needed to 'do something,'" she writes on Spoonful of Comfort's website. "I immediately thought of chicken soup – it’s what she (like many mothers) used to make to comfort me. And the idea for Spoonful of Comfort was born."

Unfortunately, Wymer's mother passed away six weeks later, but she's now helping others send love to their loved ones with Spoonful of Comfort. Before starting this company, Wymer was in Internet ad sales and, ironically, was a self-proclaimed "terrible cook," according to a 2009 interview with

Nevertheless, it looks like people are enjoying what Spoonful of Comfort has to offer. But will the Sharks?

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