'Catfish' Has A Tinder Mystery On Its Hands

Tinder can be a great tool to find people you might not have met otherwise when you're looking for love (or a hookup), but at the same time, it's also an awesome tool to use to fool other people online, and that's what this week's episode of Catfish is tackling. After Andrew received 800 matches on Tinder, only one of them caught his eye... but the guy he's been talking to has been using an internet personality's name and photos instead of his own. So will Catfish couple Andrew and Zac Miller — or the guy who's using his photos, anyway — become closer, or will the lies be too much for their relationship to overcome? Fortunately, that's why Nev and Max are on deck, duh.

After meeting up with Andrew, they decide they're going to get to the bottom of this even though Andrew already knows he's being lied to. Hey, at least the hard part's over, right? Thanks to a friend of his, Nev and Max call the real Zac Miller to see if they know if he has any idea what's up, and he has a very important piece of the puzzle to share: A guy named Johnny recently confessed to Zac that he's used his photos to trick people... and then they find that Johnny's Instagram account whose last name matches "Zac's" phone number. And the plot thickens!

Fortunately, it's pretty easy for them to get in touch with Johnny and they end up meeting up with him, even though he dealt with a lot of anxiety when coming face to face with Nev, Max, and Andrew. It doesn't take long for Andrew to find out that Johnny lied about just about everything except for his age — not off to the best start. Basically, he's not out to his family yet, and made the Tinder profile as a way to check up on his ex. Eventually, he came to Andrew and they matched, and the rest is history.

It sucks that Johnny had to lie so much, but at least his feelings for Andrew are real. Andrew ended up offering up a lot of understanding to him, since coming out is something he's had to deal with, too. And after they spent some one-on-one time together, they did seem to find plenty of common ground, and it was really cool of Andrew to give him the advice he needed, even though he's not romantically interested in Johnny. It may have been a wild ride, but at least they gained a new friendship out of it!

Image: catfishmtv/Twitter