Which 'WAGS' Season 2 Couples Are Still Together? Many Couples Survived The Drama

With the words "wives and girlfriends" in the show's title, relationships are big deal on WAGS. So, now that the show is going into the offseason, I'm curious which WAGS couples are still together, and which ones, if any, have split. The show was taped weeks ago, and things can change quickly in this group. Fortunately, a simple social media search can help garner the answers, but that's not the whole picture. In addition to learning if anyone has broken up or stayed together, social media can clue fans in on means whether or not these women will be on the market for a new significant other and what social standing they'll have when the show comes back.

For example, when Barbie called off her wedding briefly during the series, it could have completely jeopardized her friendships with the rest of the "wives" gang, especially since the "girlfriends" had lots of infighting of their own. Sophia Pierson, Olivia Pierson's sister, caused some problems by being single while her sister was in a relationship, frequently accused of being too flirty. So a relationship can mean a lot of things to the women of WAGS — let's check on on their current relationship statuses.


Autumn still has the normal, fantasy married life she seems to love.


She is recently married, as seen on the show, and yes, they're still together. Making sure she still wanted to get married before walking down the aisle, even if it caused a very Bridezilla moment, clearly ensured that her relationship is now in great shape.


She's still married, and it looks like her family is doing very well. She may have gotten into several wife/girlfriend fights this season, including revealing her "nickname" for Tia, but it hasn't damaged her home life.


She and Shaun Phillips got back together earlier this season, and that rekindled romance. And while it's not immediately clear if they're still together, weirdly enough, this Black Lives Matter post from Natalie might be Shaun's influence — he's been passionately posting about police brutality all summer.


Unfortunately, Olivia broke up with Marcedes Lewis during Season 2 of WAGS, but she has repaired her relationship with her sister and still hangs out with her cousin, and those are the relationships that really matter.


Bustle was able to confirm that Sophia was dating soccer star Denzel Slager this year, but this couple never posted a picture together or offered an interview together. Although, perhaps radio silence is good news since it's their norm.


As of WAGS Season 2, Tia was in a long-distance relationship with an unnamed NFL player. There's been no news from her side about whether or not they're still together, but she does have some relationship advice that she's handing out.


For a while, it seemed like Nicole and Larry were finally going to break up, because Nicole is serious about marriage while Larry was content with their current relationship. But as of the Season 2 finale Part One, Larry is on his way to finally propose to Nicole, and I think she'll be revealing an engagement ring as of the last episode.

Image: Brian Bowen Smith/Tommy Garcia/E! Entertainment