Will 'WAGS' Return For Season 3? Here's What The Cast Has Been Up To In The Meantime

After another season, WAGS is coming to an end, and these women still can't seem to get along with one another. But after the Season 2 finale, will WAGS return for Season 3? E! has yet to announce whether or not the series will be picked up for more episodes, nor has it decided if it's going to cancel the show. If the series does come back for another season, then WAGS will likely premiere during the summer, like the last two seasons. However, since the reality series still needs to be filmed and produced, the longer the announcement is delayed, it could mean either a delay for the show's return date, or that there's a higher chance that the show will be cancelled.

When the show was picked up for its second season, E! made the announcement that it would be brought back in late September, just as the show's first season was coming to an end, so if the news is good, you should hear about it quite soon. According to TVBytheNumbers, WAGS Season 2 has had rather small ratings, getting 0.3 million per episode. But since the show finished filming Season 2 a while ago, the cast of WAGS are already onto bigger and better things — here are some highlights.


Now that her days aren't spent clashing with the married WAGS or being accused of being too close to her sister's now-ex boyfriend, she's been promoting charity efforts, doing a little modeling, and frequently updating her social media networks recently.


The newly single Olivia has been sharing behind the scenes photos of her travels to Thailand with some of the other WAGS girls, and curating her Instagram feed with a mix of paid posts and pics of herself getting to dress up in designer clothes.


Looks like she and her cousin are like Insta twins. Sophia prefers light dusty rose tones while Natalie prefers a grayish white, but both are promoting the same branded content and seemingly go everywhere together.


She's still successfully modeling, and traveling around Los Angeles guesting on talk shows, visiting museums and seemingly having a great time. Clearly, her fight with Sasha hasn't bothered her.


Barbie looks like she has a lot going on right now. As shown in WAGS, she had a small part in Days of Our Lives, and she's also an in-demand hostess and was recently featured on a German magazine cover.


According to this Bossip interview from the beginning of the season, Autumn is working on a lifestyle blog, and may be hoping to expand her family again, beyond her twin girls. You can find recipes on her now-launched blog, So Temtasteious.


The Sasha Way on YouTube

Her music video for "Go Hard" is out, which was clearly a huge project to her, and from the Instagram videos she posts, it sounds like she's still working on her singing career.


She's frequently sharing spreads or magazine covers where she's featured, so looks like she's still modeling, traveling, and worrying about where Larry is all over the world.

And, hopefully fans will still be able to follow the ladies next summer in a possible Season 3.