Where To Buy The Sprinkles Cupcakes Lip Scrub If You're A Fan Of The Sweet Treat — PHOTOS

If you love cupcakes, especially Sprinkles Cupcakes, you're going to love the cupcake company's latest beauty collaboration. Yes, you heard it right — Sprinkles Cupcakes has partnered with Sara Happ of Sara Happ Inc. to create a Sprinkles-themed lip scrub to add to Happ's line of lip products.

Sprinkles Cupcakes is most well-known for its classic red velvet flavor, so of course Happ's new lip scrub was inspired by the popular flavor. Sprinkles' red velvet is brought to life with the lip scrub that comes in a 1 oz. jar that is perfect to throw in your purse or carry-on while on-the-go. If you've never used a lip scrub, applying it is easy. Just dab a little on your lips, massage, and wipe clean, and the scrub will get rid of any dryness and leave them soft and smooth.

Not only will the new Sprinkles lip scrub be good to add to your beauty routine, 10 percent of all the proceeds will be donated to Baby2Baby, which is a company that provides diapers, clothing, and all baby needs to low-income families with babies. You can get the lip scrub (in its cute cupcake-like packaging) on the Sara Happ website for $24. And while you're at it, she has so many other lip exfoliators to choose from!

How cute is the lip scrub box that looks like a Sprinkles cupcake?!

The new Sprinkles Sara Happ lib scrub is already available online at Sarahapp.com!

Images: sprinklescupcakes/Instagram