Former 'Bachelor' Contestants Who Should Come Back For Nick Viall's Season

Nick Viall is a Bachelor superstar. He's one of my favorite contestants because of his complexity and his ongoing story arch. Nick was the runner-up on Andi Dorfman's season of the Bachelorette, then was the runner-up on Kaitlyn Bristowe's season of the Bachelorette, and most recently was the voice of reason on Bachelor in Paradise. After Paradise wrapped, it was announced that Nick would be the next Bachelor . Fans were shocked and many had varying opinions as to whether or not this was a good thing. I personally love that Nick was chosen as the Bachelor. I think his inside perspective, funny commentary, and sincere desire to find someone all make him the perfect candidate. Since this is Nick's fourth go on the show, it is possible other contestants who saw his seasons may want to return to compete for his heart. Here is a round-up of former contestants who I think should come back on the show for Nick.

The contestants below either have a former history with Nick, might be a good match for him, or would be interesting to watch. I'm sure the guy will find love regardless of who shows up night one, but I think the show would be even better if the following people show up.

1. Jenn Saviano

Let me start off by saying I do not think Jen needs to try and date Nick again. In fact, she's said she has no interest in returning to compete for his love. But just imagine the drama if she were to show up night one.

2. The Twins

On Bachelor and Paradise the twins were clearly BFFs with Nick. While the age difference might be odd, I think it would be funny to see them both come back and compete. Plus, we need more joint confessionals from this hilarious duo.

3. Jubilee Sharpe

This beautiful Bachelor and Paradise contestant is funny and grounded. While she and Nick were both on Paradise together they were pursuing separate people, but I think that perhaps they should've been getting to know each other.

4. Ashley Iaconetti

I'm mostly putting Ashley I. here because at this point she is a staple of the Bachelor world. Nick was definitely as voice of reason for her on Paradise, but imagine the two of them dating! Her crying while Nick smirks into the camera. Reality TV gold.

5. Olivia Caridi

Nick was a "villain" on his first season of the Bachelorette and Olivia was the "villain" on her season of the Bachelor. In reality both seem like funny introverts, who sometimes get themselves into trouble. They both approach the Bachelor shows with both love and skepticism. I think Olivia's redemption arch is what we need.

6. Samantha Steffen

Samantha was portrayed as a "villain" on Paradise, but I think appearing on Nick's season could give fans a chance to do another side of her.

7. Courtney Robertson

I'm feeling very pro "villain". Maybe it's that I think Nick would be able to understand what they went through or that I find the "villain" women to be interesting and dynamic. Courtney and Nick both have a modeling background and seem to match each other in wit.

8. Becca Tilley

I like the idea of Becca returning for a third time. She and Nick combined would make seven Bachelor franchise shows. Plus, Becca's reserved goofiness might be a good match for Nick. They both have a ton of fans who would come up with a fun couple name. (Necca? Bick?)

9. Mackenzie Deonigi

She was known for being the girl who loves aliens. And for this reason I want to see Mackenzie back on the show. She and Nick could go alien hunting. Or dress up like aliens. Or go to space!

10. Britt Nilsson

While this former almost Bachelorette seems to be happily in a relationship, her return would be exciting. She always woke up with a fully made up face and perfect hair. And for that, she deserves a second chance at televised love.

Even if none of these women return, I am sure Nick's season will be incredible. I'm excited to see a crop of brand new contestants compete for roses.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell