Panic! At The Disco Managed To Put A 'Stranger Things' Kid In A Situation Scarier Than Being Trapped In The Upside Down

If you couldn't stop watching Stranger Things until you officially knew Will Byers' fate, your favorite pop-punk band is here to crush your spirits. Spoiler alert — while Will was saved from the Upside Down in the Netflix series, he seems to be in an even scarier place in Panic! At The Disco's brand-new music video for their son "LA Devotee." In other words, Stranger Things' Will Byers — aka 11-year-old actor Noah Schnapp — is starring in Panic! At The Disco's new video, and he is not doing well. Instead of the Upside Down, he seems to be trapped in an Illuminati-esque torture chamber, which, yeah, might actually be worse than the whole puking up slugs thing Will had to deal with at the end of Stranger Things. (Ick.)

Panic! At The Disco has some pretty wild music videos out there (which '00s mall rat wasn't mesmerized by the circus-inspired wedding in "I Write Sins Not Tragedies?") but "LA Devotee" definitely received an extra dose of creepy. The video starts off with a young girl getting kidnapped in the middle of what appears to be a crop circle (Eleven?) and then it cuts to Schnapp's character tied to a chair in what seems to be some sort of satanic cult. There's a camera pointed at his face, a red-hooded figure in a terrifying mask hovering over him, and, of course, lead Panic! singer Brendon Urie singing and watching the whole thing unfold without doing anything to help the kid. It's completely and utterly terrifying, but you have to admit: Schnapp's pretty good at lip syncing to everyone's favorite middle school band.

If you thought Stranger Things left you with a ton of questions, "LA Devotee" is worse: It doesn't even try to answer any. As a viewer, I have no idea why the Netflix star is tied to the chair, or how the lyrics of the Panic! At The Disco song could have possibly inspired the child torture that appears onscreen. There are palm trees that occasionally pop up in the acid trip of a video, but overall, the theme is a bit of a puzzle.

Like, I don't know, as nice as it is to see Will Byers before Season 2 of Stranger Things, it would have been really great to see him safe and sound. Poor Will.

Image: Fueled By Ramen/YouTube (2)