5 Gluten Free Skin Care Ingredients To Try Using At Home — PHOTOS

When thinking about going gluten free, food is generally the first place people start. However, loads of skin care products can contain gluten on the low as well. Since my own DIY beauty path began because of allergies, I've recently started playing around with gluten free facials for my gluten sensitive clients.

It's worth noting that those of you with Celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity don't necessarily need to go gluten free with their skin care as well. According to the Dermal Institute, the molecules of gluten are too large to be absorbed through your skin. However, there are common skin care ingredients that do contain gluten, like sodium lauroyl amino acids and triticum vulgare. If you suspect you might have a topical sensitivity to these as well, Dr. Scott Dunbar of Schweiger Dermatology Group told Bustle that it can't hurt to play around with skin care that's guaranteed gluten free. As he puts it, "if people say going gluten-free makes them feel better, then I’m all for it."

IMO, everyone should have the same control of what they put on their skin as they do what they put inside. Even if you don't have a gluten allergy, you can enjoy these five GF (and easy to DIY) cleansing recipes.

1. Lavender Salt Body Cleanser

Lavender and salt are two ingredients that are gluten free and cleansing without being drying are at your disposal for an affordable price. For this super simple cleanser, dissolve some salt into a cup of lavender tea. Once it's cool, this cleanser is ready for daily use. If you keep it in the fridge, the leftover mix should last about a week.

2. Honey Face Wash

That's right: It only takes one ingredient to cleanse your face and keep a healthy pH level for your skin. Raw honey keeps skin hydrated; its biggest claim to fame is getting rid of dry skin and acne simultaneously. Purchase a pure form and you'll get all those sweet benefits sans gluten.

3. Blueberry Face Mask

All fruits are gluten free, and there are plenty that can brighten, tone, and improve the appearance of your complexion. I love making a blueberry mask with a touch of cornmeal or baking soda to balance the acidity of this brightening berry. Get ready for your grocery list to expand once you swap the gluten for fruit.

4. Rose Water

You can rest assured that there is nothing gluten can do for your skin that this antioxidant packed rose water toner can't. You can buy premade rose water pretty much anywhere these days, but if you want to stick to a full-on DIY, just boil organic roses in distilled water keep a batch in the fridge for post-cleansing bliss.

5. Chamomile Tea For Everything

If chamomile isn't in my cup, it's in my hair and/or on my skin: I love how clean it makes my body feel without any trace of dryness... or gluten, of course. Organic, dried flowers can be incorporated into homemade body scrubs while a cup of chamomile tea can be a body wash, face wash, and hair rinse.

Not everyone needs to go gluten free with their skin care, but if you want to truly be balanced in what you put in and on your body, these natural cleansers will point you in the direction of being 100 percent gluten free.

Image: Kristin Collins Jackson (5)