Kanye West Wore A Shirt Featuring Elvis Kissing Cleopatra & You Need To See It To Believe It — PHOTOS

Kanye West is not new to fashion. Correction: expensive fashion. That's why we weren't surprised to hear that Kanye West's Prada shirt cost $1K. Sure, it seems like a modest price tag compared to the other things the multi-hyphenate owns, but think of it in normal people's terms, and it's no chump change. That's pretty much an entire month's rent in New York City (and that's if you've gotten lucky with your real estate).

Wondering why this piece of cloth has such a hefty price tag? Well of course, it's designer! Specifically, designed by Miuccia Prada. And it's not just Kanye that's wearing this shirt, though. Virgil Abloh, Off-White designer, as well as pretty much every fashion it-guy on social media. Scroll through New York's biggest fashion lovers' Instagrams, and you'll see this shirt everywhere. It's more ubiquitous than a Starbucks on every street corner.

What's even better than the design, which illustrates Elvis and Cleopatra smoochin' (yes, you also read that right), it's called "The Impossible True Love shirt." A mix of silk and cotton, according to Complex, it's short-sleeved, and aesthetically so, so pleasing. As mentioned before, it's got a $1,020 price tag. Drawn by Christopher Chemin, this is just one of the few designs he's made. Other sketches include "Che Guevara, Hercules, Joan of Arc, and Nina Simone dance-fighting," according to Complex.

Prada Impossible True Love Camp-Collar Printed Cotton Shirt, $1,020, mrporter.com

You've got to admit—this is a pretty stellar shirt.

Mr. West himself styled it buttoned down low with a couple of gold necklaces, white jeans, and white kicks. Of course, Kanye had the long-sleeved version since....He's Kanye.

Can't tell who slays this look more: Kanye or Kim? Major props to Chemin and Prada for this crazy design. We're not sure we've seen two more different people making out on a t-shirt, which makes the "Impossible True Love" name ring true. When it comes to making a statement, Kanye has done it yet again.