Kanye West Wore ‘Famous’ Merch To The 2016 VMAs

When one tunes in to the MTV VMAs red carpet, one usually has a certain level of expectation as to how all the celebrities might dress. I mean, it's not the Met Gala in terms of fanciness or over-the-top looks, but the VMAs are kind of a big deal. So when Kanye West showed up wearing his "Famous" Merch to the 2016 VMAs, everyone pretty much went nuts.

Now, Kanye West promoting himself is not news. By this point, we're all pretty well acquainted with the rapper's ceaseless desire to put himself out there and unabashedly claim his greatness. He is great, after all, so I'm not holding it against him. But to wear your own merch to an award show? Now that takes some Kanye-level self-esteem.

And of course he had it in droves. While walking the carpet with Kim K, the couple seriously could not have looked more chill. She appeared to be fresh from the shower, and Kanye looked to be fresh from his tour. I gotta say, even though it's a bit shocking (especially because Kim K was asking fans what she should wear!), I think it really does work! Take a look at others who may or may not agree.

As if we needed to know!

Here's hoping!

Seriously, not everyone can pull this off.

Kind of wish I had one myself.