How Much Are CoverFX's Perfect Light Highlighting Powder? Fans Won't Be Surprised

If you're a fan of a Jaclyn Hill or NikkieTutorials style highlight or want your glow to be always on fleek, CoverFX may have just made your day. According to TrendMood, CoverFX's Perfect Light Highlighting Powder is coming, and it's the powder answer to everyone's favorite highlight, the Custom Enhancer Drops. If you're already in love with the brand's liquid highlight, it seems as though you're about to have even more to love. Even though CoverFX has yet to confirm the product, TrendMood's accuracy is unparalleled, so if I had to guess, these beauties are about to come down the pipeline.

According to the post on TrendMood's Instagram account, the CoverFX higlighting powders are set to come in three of the same shades as the Custom Enhancer Drops: Moonlight, Sunlight, and Candlelight. Not only are the shades the same, but the prices are somewhat similar as well. The highlighting powders ring in at $32 according to TrendMood, $10 less than their liquid siblings.

One of the biggest uses for the Custom Enhancer Drops is mixing them with liquid foundation to create an overall glow. Now, it seems that fans of a banging highlight can take things a step further and add additional glow with the help of the CoverFX Perfect Light Highlighting Powder.

It's clear that the stunning highlighting trend of the spring and summer isn't going anywhere. Sure, makeup addicts saw tons of highlighter releases during the warmer months, but it seems as though it's not going to slow down any time soon.

It's time to get ready, highlighter fans, because the CoverFX Perfect Light Highlighting Powders are coming soon, and your glow will be next level.

Image: Cover Fx/Instagram