Frank's In Hiding On 'HTGAWM'

As if losing his mother wasn't bad enough, Wes' dad died on How To Get Away With Murder last season after being shot as Wes was introducing himself. But, did Frank kill Wes' father? Season 3 is sure setting him up to look pretty guilty, and he has killed before... However, as usual with this show, looks can be deceiving, so I wouldn't count Frank as the killer just yet.

To recap, since it's been awhile, in Season 2 Wes finally learned who is real dad was — and Wallace was a pretty scumbag guy. He was the one who arranged for Annalise to get into the car accident that killed her child. A car accident that Frank helped orchestrate, not knowing who the target was at the time. Frank told Sam that he was indirectly responsible for killing Annalise and Sam's son, and Sam made Frank promise to never tell Annalise. Frank also owed Sam, which is why he later killed Lila for him.

Frank never spent the money he was given to orchestrate the car accident, but now that he's on the run it's likely to come in pretty handy. And, why is he on the run? Well, being a murderer would do it, but I'm still not convinced that he killed Wes' dad. Sure, he encouraged Wes to meet up with Wallace, was in the car moments before it happened, and then fled the scene afterwards. Then he later shaved his beard and head to look unrecognizable. He would also have a motive to kill Wallace — well, two, actually. One: so that Wallace couldn't reveal what Frank had done. Two: to get even for what Wallace made him do to Annalise.

But, the one reason I don't think he did it? Because he looks the most likely, and HTGAWM is never that straight-forward with their reveals. My guess is that Annalise killed him. She has the motive to get revenge, she was available to drive Wes home after the murder and seems to have helped him with his alibi. She also was not-so-subtly called out as a "killer" by a flyer posted on her classroom wall. All literal signs point to her.

Image: Mitch Haaseth/ABC