Ashley Mitchell Is Back on 'Real World: Ex-Plosion': 5 Fascinating Facts About the Girl Who Left

The Real World: Ex-Plosion began like every other season of The Real World: a group of roommates, most of which have personalities stronger than any you've ever encountered in real life, move into a house in a new city and immediately begin fighting and having sex with each other sometimes simultaneously. But this year, things were different! A few episodes into the season, MTV brought in the exes of these crazy kids making the show even wilder than it was before.

One roommate didn't make it to this point because she brought so much drama she quite literally got herself voted out of the house. For the uninitiated, The Real World does not include cast members being voted off, but Ashley was different and after she disappeared for a couple of days, her roommates voted on whether she should stay or leave. She left during the third episode when some of them were like, "Uh... Yeah you kinda drink too much and ruin things so maybe you should go."

So why, when the show is about to air it's tenth episode, are we talking about the roommate who left oh so long ago? Because Ashley is coming back (!!!) and we want to take a closer look at the woman who thought it was a good idea to rejoin this crazy mess.

Here are 5 facts about Ashley Brooke Mitchell:

1. She's from West Virginia

Ashley is originally from West Virginia, but was living in San Francisco when she joined the show. Convenient, seeing as the show was shot in San Francisco this year.

2. She Now Lives in Paris

According to Ashley's various social media accounts she now lives in Paris, France. It looks like she travels around quite a bit, but she posted a photo on Instagram Feb. 1 which she captioned, "Another day playing tourist #paris. Or new neighborhood." Methinks she meant "our."

3. She's a Model

According to her Model Mayhem profile, Ashley has modeled for Bebe, Banana Republic, Adidas, and Sketchers among others. Check her out in action modeling a backpack!

4. She's Dating That Dude in the Paris Picture

He's Francis, her boyfriend that she hung out with the night that she ditched her roommates She posts tons of romantic pictures with him, like drinking champagne on top of the Eiffel Tower, and captioned the photo below, "#tbt with my one and only @fran6_79 . The night that started it all. #love #timeflies #throwback #sf #lovethisguy."

5. She's Excited for Her Return to the Show

Ashley has been retweeting numerous messages from fans expressing their joy that she's returning to the show on Wednesday night's episode. I'm thinking she stirred up a lot more drama and can't wait to watch it go down from her gorgeous room in Paris or wherever the heck she is now.

Images: Ashley Brooke Mitchell/Instagram