KathleenLights' Nail Polish Twitter Photo Hint Has Fans Freaking Out

If there's one thing people love more than vlogger collabs, it's when YouTubers create their own beauty lines. Although nothing is officially announced yet, Kathleen Fuentes, AKA KathleenLights, hinted at a possible nail polish line on Twitter. Not only that, but she could possibly have shown off one of the colors as well. Let's just say her fans are freaking out, and for a good reason.

Remember when Fuentes sent all those vague yet exciting tweets about her working on a new product? Well, more teasers are finally here. After posting a photo of herself holding a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fans did what they do best — examined every inch of the shot. When someone asked what color nail polish Fuentes was wearing, the vlogger replied back that she couldn't say yet. Hmmmm. She also wrote that it wasn't a collab with a brand. If you put those puzzle pieces together, it seems that Fuentes could be hinting at her own nail polish line.

Of course, nothing is for sure yet. Fuentes did post a follow-up tweet saying that nothing gets by her fans though, which makes it seem like her followers might be on to something. I can't wait for the YouTuber to officially announce what she's been working on, because all the suspense is killing me.

Regardless of whether she created the polish or not, the color on her thumb is gorgeous. The brown shade is completely unlike any other polish I've seen. Actually, it matches the peanut butter in her photo. Inspiration, maybe?

This wouldn't be the first time that Fuentes dropped a major Twitter hint to her fans. She's announced almost all of her collabs on the social media site as well. After she recently asked followers to weight in on what kind of nail polish brushes they like best, she couldn't possibly think that a shot of her manicure would go unnoticed.

Anyone KathleenLights fan knows that the woman is obsessed with nail color. She's constantly got a new shade on her nails and talks about which ones she loves on her channel. Fuentes has been posting more and more shots of her nails on social media as well.

When I say fans are freaking out, I mean it. They're putting together all the clues she's given them and are convinced that she'll have her own polish line out sometime soon. Here are what they have to say.

We're onto you, Fuentes!

My thoughts exactly.

Sneaky sneaky.

*Read in Fuentes voice.*

Can't deny the feeling.

Whatever it is, it's gorgeous.


Needless to say, her fans are pretty excited. I can't wait to see if their speculations are right.

Images: kathleenlights/Instagram (1)