7 Halloween Costumes For 'Saga' Super Fans

I am head-over-heels obsessed with the comic book series Saga . From the dazzling artwork, to the gripping story, to the pure creativity flowing through the pages, this comic has got it all. If this phenomenal series has also gripped you by the horns (get it?), you're in luck, because this Halloween is the perfect time to step into the shoes of some of your favorite characters.

With all of Saga's creative creatures and out-of-this world species, there is a diverse array of costumes you can pull from the Saga universe, each one of them more eye-catching from the last. And the good news is that many of these costumes are pretty simple to put together—the best recipe for a good Halloween costume. Every character as their own unique form, and so with just a few pieces, you can bring their physicality to life.

We've all spent hours wishing desperately for more Saga, and this Halloween is your chance to make it come to life around you. After all, isn't the best part of Halloween being able to make your nonfiction life a little more fantastical? So, here's your guide to all the clothes, props, and make-up needed to make a stunning Saga costume.

1. Alana

The heroine of Saga, Alana is a mom who truly kicks ass. And even though she's being hunted across the galaxy by two armies, stepping into her shoes isn't that complicated to do.

Pixie Tinker Bell Style Wings, $10, Amazon

One of Alana's key features are her wings, so they're obviously a must-have when putting your costume together. Her wings sometimes appear bright green, and sometimes they appear teal, so either color is a good choice.

Active Braided T-Back Tank, $13, Forever 21

Alana really likes badass outfits. This black tank almost exactly matches one of her favorite looks, and paired with pants and boots will make you look super fierce.

La Baby Asian 11-Inch Washable Soft Body Blue Play Doll, $12, Amazon

Plus, make Alana's family complete with baby Hazel to protect.

2. Marko

Alana and Marko make a great couples costume, not to mention Marko is a pretty sweet character on his own.

Elope Ram Horns, $20, Amazon

Marko's number one distinguishing feature is his horns, so it's a key part to any Marko costume.

Luna Flower Women's Packable Lightweight Rain Wind Jacket, $23, Amazon

Add in a long coat to match the classic Marko look.

Rubies Costume Co. Medieval sword Costume, $10, Amazon

Even though Marko's technically a pacifist, he obviously needs his sword for those times when even he can't find a peaceful solution.

Le Baby Asian 11-Inch Washable Soft Body Blue Play Doll, $12, Amazon

And of course, Marko needs baby Hazel.

3. Izabel

Everyone's favorite teenage ghost is the perfect choice for an uncanny Halloween costume. This one's going to require a LOT of pink.

Womens Heart Wings Short Sleeve T-shirt, $23, Amazon

Find a shirt you don't mind messing up a little, and bonus points if it's got some punk flair to it. If you want to match Izabel exactly, her shirt in the comics has a winged heart on it.

Womens Semi Opaque 80 Denier Footed Pantyhose Tights, $8, Amazon

The hardest part of Izabel's look is the fact that her bottom half is missing. The solution to this is to make some fake intestines and hang them off the bottom of your shirt, with black leggings underneath.This tutorial from Instructables shows you an easy way to make intestines using pantyhose, paper towels, and fake blood. To make it even more ghosty, try using pink pantyhose instead, (You could also buy a second pair of these to wear instead of leggings.) Duct tape or sew the intestines to the bottom of your shirt so they're hanging down, and voila!

Suddora Wrist Sweatband, $2, Amazon

Put on some pink wristbands to make Izabel's rocker chic look complete.

Trendy Warm Chunky Soft Stretch Cable Knit Slouchy Beanie Skully, $11, Amazon

Izabel's look wouldn't be complete without her beanie.

Snazaroo Face Paint 12ml Face - Body Glitter Gel, $6, Amazon

It's time to get crafty with a little make-up. To achieve Izabel's punk rock look, apply a lot of black eyeliner. Then, to get that ghostly glow, cover yourself in pink body/face glitter,

4. Lying Cat

Lying Cat is easily one of my favorite characters, and the costume is so easy to do. Plus, Lying Cat can easily pair with quite a few characters, if you want to match with a friend or SO.

Royal Blue Cat Tail and Ear Set, $11, Etsy

Wear any blue clothes you have, and pair them with these blue cat ears. (Or if you already have a pair of cat ears laying around the house, a quick spray paint job will do the trick. )

Funky Yellow Cat Eye Contact Lenses, $21, Spooky Eyes

Get some yellow cat eye contacts to make your look even more daring.

U7 Women Choker Necklace Stanless Steel Jewelry Vintage Torque Necklace, $18, Amazon

Lying Cat has a cool, Egyptian-like collar. Emulate it with this gold necklace.

5. Gwendolyn

Gwendolyn is such a complicated character, and her look is super fierce. Plus, it's pretty easy to put together.

Dickness Chic Halloween Stereo Devil Horns Ears Clip Hairpin, $4, Amazon

The key component to Gwendolyn's costume is her white horns. These horns will clip into your hair, or you can clip them onto a hairband.

Women's Ponte Blazer, $30, Target

Gwendolyn's look is also defined by her trendy white blazer.

Denim Shorts Trashed, $10, H&M

Plus, throw on a pair of white shorts.

White Surplice V Neck Cutout Back Crop Top, $17, May Kool

Add in a white crop top

3 Section Natural Wood Walking Stick, $11, Amazon

Finally, bring along a staff for all your ass-kicking needs.

6. Prince Robot IV and Princess Robot

The Robots are some of the most interesting creatures in Saga (even if they're after our heroes). If you really want to go all out, Contagious made a really cool Robot helmet (complete with functioning screen) that I'm super envious of. But, if you're like me and don't have the time, resources, or energy to engineer such a complex gadget, don't worry, you can still make a super cool Robot costume. Plus, this makes a great couple's costume!

For the simplest head design, take a cardboard box. Keep the bottom open (this is where your head will go) and cut out a square panel in the front for the "screen" (where your face will be). Use some markers and paints to decorate the box to make it look like a monitor. You can also grab some cardboard and construction paper and follow this how-to from Instructables, customizing everything to your preferences.

Fairy Tale Princess Dress Costume, $37, Amazon

If you're going as Princess Robot, any gown or princess costume will work.

Prince Charming Adult Halloween Costume, $51, Jet

If you're going as Prince Robot IV, start with his fancy jacket. Make sure it has epaulettes!

Satin Sash, $5, Amazon

Add in a purple sash.

Cotton Hemp Silk Scarf, $9, Amazon

And finally, tie another sash or a scarf around your waist for a make-shift cumberbund.

7. Yuma

Yuma's character design is so neat. To pull off her look, you need lots and lots of green!

Snazaroo Classic Face Paint in Bright Green, $6, Amazon

Use face paint to make your face green.

Green Hair Color Spray, $7, Amazon

Use hair spray dye to color your hair green.

Faux Sequin Knit Fabric Shiny Dot Confetti, $4, Amazon

Drape sparkly green fabric all over yourself.

Use Sclera contact lenses to make your eyes all black.

Black Mini-Sclera Contact Lenses, $30, Sclera Lenses

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