11 Things Book-Lovers Should Have On Their Desk

by Charlotte Ahlin

The desk is a sacred space for every writer/reader/literary fiend. It's where we sit to update our Goodreads account instead of working. It's where we sit to try out that new journaling trend we read about on our favorite author's blog. And it's where we sit to read when the cat is in our favorite comfy chair. But too often, our beloved desks get buried under papers, half-finished books, empty take out containers, and mugs upon mugs of cold coffee. Book-lovers, it's time to take back our precious work space. Here are a few bookish desk accessories and other useful things that every stylish, organized book-lover should have on their desk.

You've heard the expression: a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind (and an empty desk is... the sign of an empty mind?). So surely, a desk covered in adorable (yet necessary) literary desk accessories is the sign of an adorable, literary mind. Right? Either way, you want a desk that's organized, clean, and inspiring when it's time to buckle down and get some work/reading/writing done. Whether it's in an office, a bedroom, or your secret study hidden behind a rotating bookshelf in your mansion, here are a few things that belong on your perfect, literature-inspired desk:

1. A Book Rest Lamp

I know that most book-lovers will squirm at the idea of leaving a book splayed open like this—but you can't deny that it's pretty darn cute. Every desk needs adequate lighting for late night reading and journaling. The soft glow of the Book Rest Lamp is energy saving, gentle on your eyes, and you can lay your book on top of it to make a little house. What more can you ask for in a desk lamp?

Book Rest Lamp, $49, Amazon

2. A Succulent Book Planter

Truly, no modern desktop is complete without a succulent garden. Succulents are adorable, calming, and nearly impossible to kill. And the succulent book planter is gorgeous desktop decor that you can buy or DIY. Have some beautiful old books kicking around that you're never going to reread? Get crafty. Feel wildly uncomfortable at the idea of cutting up a book? That's OK: you can buy a book planter and still nurture your own literary desk garden.

Book filled with succulents, $35, Etsy

3. A Unique Tape Dispenser

Tape dispensers are indispensable. You never know when your umpteenth re-read of that favorite book is going to tear the binding, or when a pencil's going to snap, or when you're going to need to DIY a pair of Harry Potter glasses for a party. Get a unique tape dispenser, like this adorable wooden cat (the official animal of book nerds), for a piece of functional decor.

Cat tape dispenser, $8, Etsy

4. A Literary Mug

What's a desk without a hot mug of tea, coffee, or mulled wine? No work gets done on a mug-less desk. And what's the point of a mug, if not to prove to your roommates/mom/co-workers that you are well-read? This mug is adorned with the first lines of famous literary works, to give you that extra spurt of inspiration whenever you drink a hot beverage.

First lines of literature mug, $14, The Unemployed Philosopher's Guild

5. A Literary Coaster

Beneath every good literary mug is a literary coaster. Really, though, you can't expect to get anything done if you're worried about getting coffee rings on your lovely, clean desk. Much like literary mugs, there is a universe of literary coasters to choose from. It's hard to beat these coasters styled like library due date cards, though. They'll remind you to renew your library books, too.

Book lovers coaster set, $20, Etsy

6. Sticky Notes

Every book-lover knows that a life without sticky notes is no life at all. Sticky notes help you leave notes in your book without (god forbid) writing in the margins, they let you leave passive aggressive messages about buying milk, and they look impossibly cute on your desk.

Sticky bookmarks, $3, Etsy

7. A Literary Candle

Who doesn't want their room to smell like their favorite book? Now your very own desk can have the scent of Sherlock's study, Jane Eyre's rose garden, or Alice's mad tea party. These soy candles are based on locations in literary classics, and they're perfect for creating a relaxed work atmosphere.

Literary Candles, $16, Uncommon Goods

8. Bookends

Any book-lover will tell you that books just end up on desks. No matter how much you try to confine them to your shelves, your books will find a way to migrate over to your desk. There's no stopping them. So you might as well embrace it, and add a decorative bookend to contain your inevitable desk books.

Falling bookend, $18, Amazon

9. A Pen Organizer

You always need a pen at hand when you're sitting at your desk. So why not store your pens in a tiny typewriter, like the literature-loving nerd you are? Whichever kind of pen holder or desk organizer you go for, you're going to need something to hold your pens and cut down on desk clutter, so you can focus on more important things (like saving up for an actual typewriter).

Hemingway pencil cup, $21, Amazon

10. A Desk Journal

Whether you need to record you innermost thoughts, keep a diary of the books you read, write endless to-do lists, or start drafting the next Great American Novel, a desk journal will remind you to stop messing around and actually write. Plus, it makes you looks all literary and official, sitting on your desk like that.

Gallery leather desk journal, $22, Amazon

11. An Actual Vintage Typewriter

OK, so do you actually need an actual vintage typewriter? Debatable. Will it look cool on your desk, though? Yes. It may not be the cheapest or most practical piece of desk decor, but it's most certainly the coolest.

Vintage Underwood typewriter, $195, Etsy

Images: freephotocc/pixabay