Swatches Of Forever 21’s Rainbow Highlighter Show Just How Much Fun This Product Can Be — PHOTOS

Halloween is right around the corner, so this whole rainbow highlighter trend resurgence really couldn’t be coming at a better time. The multi-colored beauty product first appeared on Etsy, but now both Wet n Wild and Forever 21 are making super affordable versions. Swatches of Forever 21’s Rainbow Highlighter prove just how much fun a colorful glow can be.

And trust me, if you’re hoping to be a unicorn or just want to let your inner rainbow shine come Oct. 31, then this is just the product you need in your life. The Wet n Wild version is sold out for the time being, but a very similar one is on sale for $5.90 at Forever 21. At the time of publication, the product was still in stock, so head on over to the website it you could use a little extra color in your beauty routine.

If you're not completely sold on the whole rainbow highlight thing this swatch might convince you otherwise. This isn’t necessarily a product you’d wear everyday, but it is great for all of the fun and glamorous moments that may come up. It's perfect for, say, Halloween, a music festival or, you know, just a regular old Saturday night swatching session. Anyone else have those? Please tell me you do!

This rainbow product is here to give you a super fun and psychedelic glow.

Compact Facial Highlighter, $5.90, Forever 21

It may not be the most wearable thing in the world, but it sure is pretty!

Like, too pretty to pass up, if you know what I mean.

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Check out how it compares to the Wet n Wild option.

You gotta admit, they're both pretty amaze. Better snatch this colorful highlight up before it's totally sold out! People just can't get enough of the rainbow, and I can't say I blame them, honestly.

Images: Courtesy Brands (2); YouTube (1)