7 Wet N Wild Rainbow Highlighter Alternatives That Are Just As Glowy As The Sold Out Product

Let's call 2016 the year of the rainbow: bagels, hair, and now, highlighter. Wet N Wild made their own $5 version of the highlighter, but of course, it sold out like crazy. Not to worry—there are other rainbow highlighter alternatives, so you can get your colorful shine on.

Rainbow highlighter sounds wild. Like, too wild for an everyday look. But as soon as I saw someone swipe the pigment onto their cheeks, my mind was swiftly changed. Rather than showing up as a clown-esuqe, super pigmented color, it showed up shiny, playful, and actually wearable. While this product probalby wouldn't work for an everyday look to, let's say, work, it could definitely work for a fun weekend look or party getup.

The rainbow highlighter is definitely a product that our middle school selves would have loved. I mean, what was cooler than shiny, glittery makeup back then? Besides thick eyeliner and lipgloss of course. Part nostalgic and part quirky fun, this product is the perfect pick me up for when you're feeling down, or a silly stocking stuffer for makeup lovers. Either way, we're all about the joy all of this little compact can bring us.

Seriously, just looking at this powder gives us all the happy feels.

Unfortunately for us, though, Wet N Wild's $5 product is completely sold out. Womp womp. As will all things the beauty community is currently obsessing over, it's incredibly hard to find. In terms of viral beauty sensations, this is up there with Kylie Jenner's lip kits. Or anything she releases, for that matter.

But not to worry—there are other ways to snag this amazing sheen! Namely, other rainbow highlighters that may have a heftier price tag, but all the same joy, as well.

1. Unicorn Skin

Unicorn Skin Rainbow Highlighter, $17, Etsy

Insert heart eye emoji here.

2. Rainbow Everywhere

Magic Rainbow Highlighter, $1, Wish

This pigment is everything.

3. A Little Lighter

Rainbow Highlighter Like Prism, $3, Ebay

So pretty, it hurts.

5. Simplicity

Rainbow Highlighter, $20, Etsy

Love this brush, too!

6. Miss Yifi

MISS YIFI Baked Prism Rainbow Highlighter for Face Shimmer Highlighter Eyeshadow Blusher Makeup Palette Iluminador Maquiagem, $9, Ali Express

7. All Shapes & Sizes

Mermaid Fantasies Pastel Rainbow Duochrome Highlighter, $11, Etsy

I love that these come in little compacts, too!

If rainbow spills into 2017, I'm totally okay with that. Makeup is all about experimenting and trying out new looks—whether they're wild, out there, and bold, or more subdued and natural. The beauty of...well....beauty, is that you can play and be more than one type of person. And this rainbow highlighter definitely lets you have all the fun.

Images: Wet n Wild