How Much Are The Kimoji Chokers? These Kim Kardashian Accessories Cost This Much

On top of texting Kimojis and wearing them on your sleeve, you can now add them to your jewelry box. Kim Kardashian has Kimoji chokers stocked in her online shop, and they're pretty darn trendy. If you're wondering how much they cost, you might be surprised by the price. If you want to look as cool as Kardashian, it's going to cost you.

It's two things that Kardashian loves the most — social media and chokers — combined in one place. She's been rocking the trend since the '90s-inspired accessory came back into style, and now she's creating her own. As of now, there are only two different styles to shop. You can snag a thin, black necklace with the "lit" text bubble or a frosted peach. There's also matching earrings, if you really want to Kimoji-up your look.

If you're looking to grab a choker for yourself, then prepare yourself. Each one will cost you $40, which is slightly more expensive than the other accessories on her site. The newly added earrings are $25, while the hats, which are bestsellers, are $35. Either way, there's no doubt in my mind that they'll fly off the virtual shelves, just like the other accessories have. People just can't pass up trendy merch!

Kimoji Peach Choker, $40,

I will admit, the K on the end of the chain is a nice touch. It also doesn't surprise me that she started the choker collection with two of her most used Kimojis.

Kardashian sported the new accessories on her Snapchat. Obviously she rocked them. I can't wait to see how she dresses them up and down. Honestly, they would look great either way.

Kimoji Lit Choker, $40,

The lit text bubble style is just as trendy as the peach. It's got the same band and "K" on the end, just like the other. Kardashian sported that one on social media as well, and, to no one's surprise, it looked great.

Is it worth the hefty price to look like Kardashian? Well, I guess that's up to you. According to the social media queen's Snapchat, they're packaged in little bags inside a black box. It's not completely high end packaging, but the box is a nice touch, in my opinion.

If you're looking to snag one, I'd act fast. I'm willing to bet the accessory will be a bestseller, regardless of the price.

Images: KimKardashian/Snapchat (3)