Where To Buy Kimoji Chokers To Make All Your Kardashian Fandom Dreams Come True

Kim Kardashian knows her brand. From nude selfies to peach emojis, she's made her mark, and now she's letting her fans rep her all the regular, too. Kimoji chokers are now available which means you can take your favorite phone accessory and wear it around your neck. Sure, it sounds weird on the surface, but a true Kardashian fan is going to rock Kimoji merch regardless of judgement, and that kind of freedom just can't be duplicated.

Kardashian has been capitalizing on her Kimoji keyboard for some time now, but as of late, it seems as though she's really amped things up with her Kimoji merch. Now, the Kardashian empire has expanded into Kimoji chokers available on her website, and it's a great day for fans of the reality star.

I'm pretty sure that everyone has at least seen the Kylie Jenner phone case or the Kimoji butt case air freshener, and its the popularity of these Kimoji keyboard-inspired items that seem to have resulted in an explosion of Kimoji merch.

Not only can your phone case be covered in photos of Kardashian's most famous attribute, but you can rock her sly peach Kimoji around your next neck now, and what's more Kim Kardashian than a choker? After all, it does seem to be one of her favorite accessories as of late.

Kimoji Peach Choker, $40, Kim Kardashian West

The peach isn't the only Kimoji making the choker cut, though. Kardashian also included her signautre Lit kimoji.

Kimoji Lit Choker, $40, Kim Kardashian West

The K on the ends of each choker make them even better, honestly. Not only are you able to rock a Kimoji, but you've also got a Kardashian initial around your neck.

With the new Kimoji chokers, not only can you be totally on trend, but you can rep your favorite Kardashian. Let's be honest, Kim Kardashian is a pro at giving fans what they want, and she's done it again.

Images: Kim Kardashian West (2)