If the Realtor on 'Parenthood' Looks Familiar, It's Because She's Been In All Your Favorite Shows

Over the course of five seasons, Parenthood has had a number of guest stars, most of whom who've had one major thing in common: they've come from the world of Jason Katims. From Minka Kelly to Matt Lauria, countless members of the Parenthood creator, Friday Night Lights producer, and all-around TV god's universe have appeared on the show. As for their roles, they've ranged from parts as short-term as minor as Crosby's best man (Derek Phillps) to as major as Haddie's ex-boyfriend (Michael B. Jordan), with the majority of guest stars showing up for just enough episodes to satisfy viewers' nostalgia. And so when Alexandra Barreto showed up on Parenthood a few episodes ago as Zeek and Camille's realtor, Karen, devoted Katims fans celebrated at seeing yet another familiar face.

To those who only know Katims as the guy behind Friday Night Lights, you might be saying, "who?" Unlike many other Parenthood guest stars, Barreto never appeared on FNL. She did, however, have a recurring role on Katims' one-season WB show, Pepper Dennis, back in 2006. The actress spent ten episodes as Bianca Martinez on the WB show, which followed Pepper (Rebecca Romijn), a TV reporter whose personal and professional life often got intertwined.

Pepper Dennis may only have lasted one season, but for fans of the series, the last few years have been spent watching its former stars appear on practically every popular show on TV. There's Romijn on Ugly Betty, Josh Hopkins on Cougar Town, and, now, Barreto on Parenthood. With the latter actor, it's nice to know that Katims, at least when possible, tries to take care of all his former actors, even if their shows only lasted half a season.

If you didn't watch Pepper Dennis, though, there's still a good chance that you recognize Barreto. When not filming Parenthood, the actress stars on The Fosters as Ana, the biological mother of Jesus and Mariana.

Barreto's turn as a manipulative, drug-addicted mom on the ABC Family show is certainly a leap from her role as a clean-cut realtor on Parenthood, but hey, at least we know the actress has range. And if you don't watch The Fosters? Chances are you recognize Barreto as Pilar from Justified, Isabel from Summerland, or Maria from The District.

Image: NBC; ABC Family