Is Hillary Clinton Still Sick With Pneumonia? Her Debate Performance Is Crucial

On Monday, Sept. 26, the Democratic and Republican presidential nominees will take to the debate stage for the first time at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York. Candidates are expected to discuss some of the biggest issues facing America moving forward, and we are interested in hearing some compelling arguments. But as the debates begin, you might be wondering: Is Hillary Clinton still sick with pneumonia? The first debate sets the tone moving forward.

After Clinton left a 9/11 memorial service early, her campaign released a statement revealing that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia and that she would be taking some time off to heal. Now, as we head into debate season, many of course hope that Clinton is feeling better, and not just for the sake of polling numbers. It's unclear whether she is still sick with pneumonia, but we do know the Democratic nominee has been taking it easy and resting.

Following her diagnosis, Clinton took three sick days, and she took some extra time off the campaign trail ahead of Monday's debate — because she should. She told People in an interview: "I'm not great at taking it easy. I bounce off the walls a little bit. I will admit it was nice to spend some time hanging out with our dogs and binge-watching a little TV." Everyone deserves to relax a little bit and watch a little TV, especially when they're sick with pneumonia.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

However, Clinton's health is not holding her back from preparing to the fullest for Monday's debate. According to Politico, Clinton advisors are concerned that, unfortunately, her tone could be what makes or breaks her campaign: "The fear is that she’ll get lost in the moment, and no one is better at seizing the moment than Trump." But that's all part of their preparation heading into the debate. Her advisors also said that "she’s doing less of the usual mock debate sessions," adding that her preparation for debate season has more to do with "style than substance. They’re trying to prepare her for the different Trumps that might show up."

No one truly knows what to expect from Trump, so perhaps their preparation strategy for Monday is especially important. I just hope that Clinton also had the time to rest and care for her health ahead of the debate.