Where To Buy Kimoji Earrings To Show Off Your Love Of Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian's Kimoji keyboard practically broke the internet when it debuted — sorry Paper cover. Since its original debut, Kardashian has even debuted a new Kimoji pack. Now, though, she's taking it a step further with Kimoji earrings. That's right. You can now wear your favorite Kimoji on your ears, just so you can be sure that everyone know just how much you love Kim Kardashian West.

While Kimoji merchandise is all a little tongue in cheek, Kardashian has nonetheless capitalized on her fans' love. From the iconic phone cases to the Kimoji slides, it seems like there's always a new product in Kim Kardashian's store. Now, that's true again. You can buy Kimoji earring on Kim Kardashian's website's store, and they're so iconically Kim K.

Unfortuntely, the butt Kimoji is not yet available to purchase as earrings, but there's always hope considering how quickly Kardashian has been churning out Kimoji merchandise. For now, though, you can purchase both the peach and lit Kimojis as earring, and they match perfectly with her new Kimoji chokers.

The best part, though, is that the earrings are pretty affordable. They ring in just at $25. Considering that the cost of a sweatshirt can run you $60, it's not a bad deal.

Kimoji Lit Earrings, $25, Kim Kardashian West

These super dainty studs are perfect for a subtle display of your love for Kim K.

Kimoji Peach Earrings, $25, Kim Kardashian West

Let's be real, even without the implied meaning, the peach earrings are totally cute.

It doesn't seem like Kimoji merchandise is slowing down any time soon, so let's all take a moment and hope for Kimoji butt earrings soon.

Images: Kim Kardashian West (2)