Lululemon Wants You to Always Wear Yoga Pants

by Erin Mayer

Despite Lululemon's see-through yoga pant debacle of 2013 and former CEO Chip Wilson's subsequent attempt to blame the situation on plus-size customers, many women still love the brand's workout gear. Now Lululemon is doing everything it can to make sure fans wear its clothing inside and outside the gym. The brand has announced the launch of &go, a line of workout clothes designed to be worn before, during, and after your daily sweat session.

Lululemon announced the new line on the company's Twitter account on Monday, and the wares are already available for purchase online at prices ranging between $54 and $198. &go features athletic clothes that can be incorporated into regular outfits, theoretically erasing the need to pack an over-full gym bag. As Lululemon's promotional materials put it: "You're out the door at daybreak and moving until midnight. You don't have time for a wardrobe that keeps forcing you to change. You're busy living. We get it."

The collection features peplum-lined tank tops, stretchy faux leather shorts and pants, floaty open-back tanks that can be tossed over a sports bra or bandeau, and a heather grey tennis dress that's already sold out online. These clothes are reasonably cute, if a little basic. But basic is necessary in order to pull this kind of collection off — the clothes can be neither too fussy nor too exercise-y.

I think this is a pretty cool idea, actually. Sometimes the biggest hurdle to getting to the gym is fitting it in to your day, and perhaps cutting down on the amount of stuff you're schlepping there and back might help ease the burden. I know I could've used this collection when I was a dancer in college, running from dance class to academic class and back again. Even freelance writer me, who does Pilates in her living room while wearing pajamas, is lusting after that backless tank. Still, I'd imagine some women might be reluctant to head to a bar in sweaty workout gear.

Images: Lululemon