Meet The 'Once Upon A Time' Season 6 Cast

This year, Once Upon A Time isn't just dipping into the Disney vault for new character material. Yes, Season 6 will visit Agrabah — but with "The Land Of Untold Stories" in play, that means that fictional heroes and villains from literature, myth, and legend can Before the premiere Sunday night, here's a rundown of the new Once Upon A Time Season 6 cast that has been announced.

In Season 5 we lost Robin Hood to the Underworld. Zelena, on the other hand, is sticking around. She and Regina are pals now, so why not? Another new character that seems to be sticking around is Violet, Henry's friend from Camelot and love interest. Some notable returns to the OUAT universe include Ashley Boyd/Cinderella, Dr. Whale/Victor Frankenstein, and Archie Hopper/Jiminy Cricket. It's always good to check in on the original Storybrooke residents. The Dragon, who has appeared on a few occasions, will also return.

As for new characters and cast, the gang met Sam Witwer as Dr. Jekyll and Hank Harris as Mr. Hyde in the Season 5 finale. Who else is joining the team? Not all of the new casting has been announced yet. According to TVLine, Season 6 will include Sinbad as well as Scheherazade, a character from One Thousand Arabian Nights. Cinderella's stepsisters will be explored, according to Entertainment Weekly, and the official ABC press release suggests that there may even be Muskateers. Here's who has been officially announced for the new season of OUAT so that you'll be sure to recognize their faces when they make their big entrances.


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Everyone's favorite diamond in the rough will be played by Deniz Akdeniz from I, Frankenstein.


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If you watch a lot of ABC series, you'll likely recognize Karen David as Princess Isabella from Galavant.


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While the cane-carrying villain was played in Once Upon A Time In Wonderland by Naveen Andrews from Sense8 and Lost, actor Oded Fehr will play him now. You know him from The Mummy and Resident Evil franchises. This is also another ABC in-hire — Fehr was previously cast in the already canceled S.H.I.E.L.D. spinoff, Marvel's Most Wanted.

Captain Nemo

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The legendary sea captain will be played by Faran Tahir, who you know from Iron Man, American Crime, and the 2009 Star Trek.

The Count Of Monte Cristo

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Craig Horner will play the Alexandre Dumas character Edmund Dantès, who was wrongfully imprisoned and seeks revenge. Interesting to note — one of Dantès' aliases is Sinbad the Sailor.

Dr. Lydgate

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Well, well, well. Jonny Coyne's portrayal of this character appeared in a few episodes Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. He was bent on keeping Alice locked up in an asylum and believing that Wonderland didn't exist. I hope this means that we could be seeing Alice, Cyrus, Will, or Anastasia — who is the Red Queen in Wonderland but also quite possibly one of Cinderella's stepsisters. I've given up hope for Sebastian Stan's return to OUAT as the Mad Hatter, but this would be nice.


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Also known as the God of Dreams from Greek Mythology. That suggests a connection to Hades, Hercules, and Meg perhaps. He will be played by Giles Matthey, according to an official ABC press release. You may recognize him from Jobs and 24: Live Another Day.

It's quite an eclectic bunch of characters and actors. Once Upon A Time has always been good at making surprising connections between familiar characters, and with new folks like this, Season 6 should have quite the twists, turns, and reveals.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC