What Scott Patterson Loves About ‘Gilmore Girls’ Is Also What Fans Love Most About Luke

There are a lot of things that to love about the Gilmore Girls, but Luke Danes is definitely one of the top. And now, here's another reason to love Luke: Scott Patterson, the actor who portrays the legendary Stars Hollow resident in the now-revived series, told Bustle's own Sara Tan what he loves the most about Gilmore Girls, and, coincidentally, it's also the thing fans love about Luke. According to Patterson, he seems to have the most fun playing Luke when Luke is up to no good — whether he’s playfully annoying Lorelai or pushing Taylor’s buttons, Luke's best moments are when he is at his most Luke-like self: Cranky, stubborn, and unwilling to play into the town politics in Stars Hollow.

In fact, Patterson tells Bustle, while at the Kiehl's LifeRide for OCRFA event in LA following his two-day motorcycle ride in support of ovarian cancer research, that his favorite moment of the series was “when [Luke] was taunting Taylor.” There were plenty of times when Luke taunted Taylor, but the one Patterson remembers fondly is when Taylor asked Luke to not touch his candy, and Luke puts his hand in the candy jar anyway: “He was like, 'don't touch my candy, don't do it,' and I just went, 'yeah? That would bother you?'”

It was always when Luke was playing the town grouch that he was at his best — he was the one Stars Hollow resident who seemed outwardly resistant to the picturesque qualities of living in that wonderland. Considering the rest of the townsfolk seemed perfectly happy and charmed by Stars Hollow, Luke was not — and this was a necessary contrast to have. I know I always loved Luke best when he was doing all of those wonderfully Luke things to provoke the people who took their place in Stars Hollow a little too seriously. And Taylor, definitely, was the biggest culprit.

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Reporting by Sara Tan

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures