Everlane's Shoe Park Won't Be Around For Long

Get ready to pinch yourself, because one of your shoe dreams just became a reality. Bringing the online-only brand to life, Everlane now has a pop up shop in New York. This is about a whole lot more than just footwear too, if you can believe it. When does Everlane's Shoe Park end? You don't have much longer to get in on this shopping experience.

It's not every day that a brand sets up a shoe-centered oasis in the middle of the city, but that's exactly what Everlane has done. It's not just about the amazing fall shoes — it's about the entire shopping experience. According to the brand's Instagram, the Shoe Park pop-up shop includes 577 different plants, eight different shoe styles, a Blue Bottle Coffee bar, and a Glossier Balm Dotcom bar all in one place. So when they say that it's an urban retreat, they aren't joking.

The only downside to Shoe Park is that you don't have long to get over there. The pop-up shop opened on Sept. 23 and will run through Oct. 23. That's one full month of fun, people! After that, the eight different styles of Italian-made shoes will go back to only being sold online.

According to the site, Shoe Park is open Monday through Saturday 11am to 8pm and Sunday 11am to 7pm. Basically, you have no excuse not to get over there at least once in the month-long event.

Now for the fun part — the shoes! Here are all the footwear being sold at Shoe Park, so you know what you're going for. Of course, the experience is totally worth it on it's own, but the shopping is just as important.

1. The Heel Boot

The Heel Boot, $253,

Available in both brown and black, this boot is absolutely perfect for fall.

2. The Modern Oxford

The Modern Oxford, $175,

I'll take one in all five colors, please!

3. The Modern Loafer

The Modern Loafer, $170,

I don't know how they combine classic and modern so effortlessly, but they do.

4. The Modern Smoking Loafer

The Modern Smoking Loafer, $160,

If the other loafer wasn't for you, maybe this is more your style.

5. The Modern Chelsea Boot

The Modern Chelsea Boot, $235,

Less of a heel, but still just as much style.

6. The Leather Street Shoe

The Leather Street Shoe, $135,

The have some great street-wear styles as well.

7. The Modern Babo

The Modern Babo, $145,

The slip-on shoe has never been so stylish.

8. The Modern Point

The Modern Point, $155,

This one even comes in both burgundy and classic black.

If this doesn't get you ready to shop, then I don't know what will!

Images: everlane/Instagram (1), Everlane (8)