5ive Slams 98 Degrees After Nick Lachey's Comment & It's 1999 All Over Again

Boy band feud alert. Remember when Nick Lachey said that 5ive was the worst boy band ever? In the best retort of the day, 5ive has slammed 98 Degrees, saying that the band "sucked ass" and "probably still do." Ooh. Burn.

5ive's lead singer ABZ (cool name, bro), did not take Nick Lachey's public dis too well; it apparently sent him spiraling into a sea of boy band misery. You know how that goes (cue dance moves and song). Yes, 98 Degrees may never have ascended to the heights of the Backstreet Boys or *NSYNC, and yes, they are guilty of writing some pretty lethargic pop tunes ("Because Of You," anybody?), but ABZ didn't even jab at 98 Degrees' music. Instead, he chose to cut the band deep... by saying they suck ass.

ABZ told TMZ that once, he and bandmate J were once "talking about who the fuck gets their band name tattooed on themselves and concluded they must all be jockstraps."

Oh man. Jockstraps. That is the dis of the day.

Apparently, when 98 Degrees bandmember Jeff Timmons heard about this dis, he stepped up to ABZ and 5ive member Love, although we don't know if it was to extend the olive branch or to get 5ive riled up. Either way, this is a beef that's been going on for quite some time, and has just been reignited. Guys, there's nothing like a feud between boy bands that are now defunct. This is pop passion at its finest.

And for your viewing and listening pleasure, here is 5ive's classic jam about showing a woman just what happens, baby, when the lights go out: