Olivia Wilde Announces The Gender Of Her Second Child & Makes An Important Political Statement All In One Tweet

Are you guys ready to start fist pumping in support of one of America's fave celebrities? Well, it looks like your pretend bestie Olivia Wilde is coming at the world with a double whammy of magic in one very amazing tweet. Not only did Wilde reveal the gender of her second child (it's a girl, congrats to the couple) in the tweet, but she also took a moment to connect it, politically, to a very clear message about a certain hot-button candidate. Wilde's outspokenness is one of the many reasons she's become an endeared figure to us. Outspoken, witty, talented AF... the mere fact that Wilde is also a political animal ready to take on the potent and important issues this election makes her one of the most inspiring figures in Hollywood.

This means that even though we got to indulge in the saccharine celebrity news of an actress announcing the gender of her baby, what we really got was a lesson in political thinking. She tweeted, "As someone who is about to have a daughter, this hits me deep in my core." Wilde's statement drives home and firmly supports the Clinton campaign's latest ad, which takes the offense on Donald Trump's previous statements about women. Some may criticize Wilde for taking the time to mix the political and the personal; I stand firmly on the other side of that fence. Rather, I see a woman who is commenting on the generational effects of the biggest political decision we as a nation will be making in a few months time. We need women speaking up and supporting each other. Wilde is making good on that need.

Wilde has been an active supporter of Clinton's during this election, so it stands to reason that this tweet would follow in a long line of pro-Clinton tweets. But, Wilde also represents a portion of the population we take for granted: celebrities who use their visibility to give rise to pressing social issues (currently, that would be issues relating to the election). It's encouraging to see celebrities moving outside of their wheelhouse to effect real change. Wilde's own repurposing of her Twitter platform to voice support in such a unique way as connecting the upcoming birth of her daughter to an urgent and relative issue is deeply admirable.

All politics aside, though, Wilde's announcement that she is expecting a girl is actually very exciting news. I know that she'll make for a kick-ass mom to a daughter, especially with her vocal espousing of girl power on the reg.