Olivia Wilde Responds To Rude Subway Passengers With The Best Comeback

Considering she's pregnant with her second child, Olivia Wilde doesn't have time for other people's nonsense. Clearly she has more important priorities at the moment. On Twitter on Wednesday, Wilde vented her frustrations about NYC subway passengers, who refused to give her a seat during her commute. While it's common courtesy to offer up a spot to someone who's pregnant, elderly, or handicapped, some people must have missed that memo. In response, the mom-to-be tweeted,

NBD, able-bodied [subway emoji] riders who won't give your seat to a GIANT preggo. I'll just stand riiiiight next to your head and pray I go into labor.

Sarcasm and all, that's a solid plan for combatting the rudeness. As a frequent subway rider myself, I've seen plenty of people who fail to follow basic etiquette rules. So she does raise a great point — why not do others a favor and give the seat to someone who needs it more? It's a small gesture, but can go a long way. I appreciate that she's standing up for herself and reminding people of something that should already be common knowledge.

If you're curious just how pregnant she is (since she did write "GIANT" in all caps), the photo below was taken seven weeks ago, so you can only imagine how much bigger the baby bump has gotten since.

And that's not all that happened regarding this subway incident. According to Us Weekly, not everyone applauded Wilde's straightforwardness. One Twitter user (who has since deleted his post) wrote,

1. I didn't tell u to get pregnant 2. Get an Uber (you can afford it) 3. I paid the same amt as you for the subway ride.

Showing she doesn't have time for even more rudeness on top of what she already experienced, she responded with a list of her own:

Some people may not have been nice, but a fellow celeb parent had Wilde's back. John Legend posted the following tweet, after seeing the exchange above.

All in all, Wilde's experience should be a reminder for all New Yorkers — and public transportation goers in general — to be a bit more considerate. If you're physically able to stand for the duration of the ride, do something nice and let someone else have a seat. You never know how easily you can make their day. Or in Wilde's case, you could ruin it by doing the opposite.

Good for Wilde for standing up for herself and her baby-to-be. Hopefully she'll have better luck during future commutes.