'The Bachelor' Spoilers For Nick Viall's Season Promise An Exciting Journey Ahead — PHOTOS

Fans of The Bachelor have to wait until January 2017 to see Nick Viall take center stage on the show — and it seems like an eternity away. I mean, it's only four months, technically, but still, the world is a more fun and romantic place when roses are being handed out on ABC. But don't despair — the filming for the upcoming episodes are currently underway, and franchise exec produce Mike Fleiss posted the first images of Nick's Bachelor season via Twitter, giving fans the first taste of the perpetual Bachelorette runner-up's new journey. The photos don't spoil too much, but they definitely make the long wait for January a bit more tolerable.

Fleiss began tweeting the first photos from filming on Saturday, first declaring in a tweet that "Nick is as nervous as any guy I've ever seen on Night One." Aww, too cute. Then, the executive producer tweeted a whole bunch of photos from the filming of the limo introductions, giving fans their first glimpse of Nick as The Bachelor main man via a production monitor. The images Fleiss tweeted also show jeweler Neil Lane, who is Bachelor Nation's ringmaker of choice, on standby, and what looks like the craft services table, where the crew (hopefully) chows down between takes.

But naturally, these pictures give way to more questions: Will Nick find love? What kind of food is in those aluminium trays? Who are the female contestants this season? Fleiss did snap and post a preview of some of them sitting in the mansion post-introduction and on the production monitor.

You can't see any faces and no names are listed, but it looks like there are plenty of glamorous dresses, beautiful set design, and at least one sassy hair flip — meaning that those Bachelor Nation staples are present in the new go-around.

The only bad thing about getting a first taste like this is that now fans (including myself) want more. The new season of The Bachelor can't come soon enough.