There Are Two New Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick Shades, And They're Gorgeous

For beauty lovers, a new makeup release date is like your favorite holiday. And in just a few days, on 9/29, we're going to be celebrating Anastasia Beverly Hills new lipsticks that are coming out. And like the nights leading up to a big holiday, we won't be sleeping. Call liquid lipsticks our religion.

We're officially naming 2016 the year of lipsticks. If 2014 was the year of the booty, then this particular year was all about liquid lipsticks, liners, and all the crazy colors you can imagine. I mean, just scrolling through the "Explore" page on Instagram, and you'll see thousands of videos of lipstick swatches and liquid lipstick applications that are guaranteed to get you wanting more colors. Plus, they're incredibly soothing to watch.

The fun thing about lipstick is that unlike a lot of beauty products, like, say blush or concealer, you can go crazy with the colors. Every possible shade you can imagine exists, even a super bright yellow hue by Jeffree Star. When it comes to your lips, you can truly be an artist with a paintbrush, thanks to the booming popularity of liquid lipsticks this year. Whether you're in a bright, colorful mood, or looking for a more somber, subdued look, there's certainly a liquid lipstick color out there for you.

And, just in time for fall, one of our favorite cosmetics companies—Anastasia Beverly Hills—is releasing two new liquid lipstick shades called "Allison" and "Ashton." Both hues have got brown tones to them, making them perfect for the autumn season. Bring on all the pumpkin spice and ABH lipsticks you can find!

Allison, $20, Amazon

This is literally the perfect every day shade.

Filled with brown tones, the "Ashton" is the ultimate night-out color.

These new colors will be available exclusively on Anastasia Beverly Hills' website or at Sephora starting Thursday, September 29. Are you marking your calendars?

And, if you can't wait any longer, definitely check out their current liquid lipstick spread on their website and of course, Sephora. I know I'll be perusing some while I dream of these two.

Judging from all the comments on those two Instagram posts, it looks like fans are stoked. With crisp weather, pumpkin everything coming out, and now these gorgeous shades, we're definitely ready for fall and winter. Bring it on—we're meeting you all glammed up in these hues.

Images: Anastasia Beverly Hills