What's Wrong With Emma On 'Once Upon A Time'? The Savior's Troubles Are Far From Over

For a show that's supposed to center around fairytales, these Storybrooke characters seem further away than ever from getting their happily ever afters — especially in regards to Emma. Just when you think she's finally going to have five minutes of happiness without something going wrong, she's forced to face another apparent side effect that comes with being the Savior. At the beginning of the Once Upon a Time Season 6 premiere, Emma starts developing hand tremors, which are accompanied by what appears to be premonitions of her fighting an unknown foe in some big battle. But before we can get a real handle on the situation, it stops and she's pulled back into her current reality. So what's wrong with Emma and what does this all mean? Unfortunately, it seems as though the only person who can answer that right now is Hyde.

During his capture, Hyde overhears that Emma is the Savior and makes mention of her tremors, knowing that she'll eventually come to him for answers. But first, Emma, of course, has to be her usual stubborn self and not tell anyone about her hand shaking condition. She wants to handle it all by herself. So it didn't take long for her to pay Hyde a visit in prison and while he was less than forthcoming about what's going on with her, he did offer up some words of advice: follow the red bird to find the answers that she seeks. That is, as long as she's ready to face her own story.

Now to be completely honest, I have no idea what any of that means, but I'm definitely intrigued. It's also worth noting that at the very start of the episode, we found another Savior, Aladdin, who seemed to be going through a very similar condition. His hand was shaking and he was no longer the man he once was. So it's probably safe to say that whatever is happening to Emma is very similar to what Aladdin is going through. The mystery girl and her "red bird" (Iago, I'm guessing) said that these visions are about her future. Maybe she plans on taking Emma to Aladdin, so that they can both work on a cure together and hopefully solve this problem together.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC