'Glee' Season 6 Spoiler Alludes to Fan-Favorite Sticking Around, Moving To NYC

There's only one episode left before Glee makes its big move to New York City and Ryan Murphy and the cast have been tight-lipped about who's sticking around. The obvious have been confirmed — Lea Michele, Chris Colfer, and Darren Criss — but rumors are swirling that Jenna Ushkowitz and Naya Rivera could potentially be out of the cast for Season 6. But where does everyone's favorite McKinley High student — Artie Abrams — fit in? Throw your slushies in the air, Gleeks, because Kevin McHale might be in Season 6.

In case you forgot, Artie was accepted to film school in New York City and after a short debate, was convinced by Kitty and his mother that he should take the plunge. But there's since been little-to-no mention about his college plans, which is understandable considering the McKinley crew has been busy with competitions and coping with the loss of Finn Hudson. So, what about Artie? We know that Sam and Blaine have every intention of following their dreams and the loves of their lives to the East coast after graduation but we had no idea what awaited Artie. Until now.

Earlier this month, E! revealed a small detail about Season 5 that has us convinced that Artie will not only make the move to NYC but he'll be there during Season 6 as well. Here's their Glee NYC scoop:

We'll be meeting two of Arties' new classmates at film school later in the season, including the way artsy redhead Vanessa, who is your stereotypical "existential" college co-ed, and Jessica, a hot punk rocker.

So a NYC storyline is going to develop for Artie sometime in the future of Season 5 that could carry him onto the show's final season. Which is the best news we've heard from Glee in awhile — so what are the odds of one of the show's best performers sticking around? We're breaking it down for you.

Option 1: Artie's In Season 6

We're assuming the Artie's going to have some type of orientation and that's where we'll meet Vanessa and Jessica. If all goes well and Artie can bear to leave Kitty behind — he'll move to NYC and start attending film school and he'll be welcomed into the fold of the NYC storyline. And he'd offer a nice break from the Rachel Berry show — as much as we love Lea Michele, Glee needs to get us interested in someone else's struggles.

And we're sure Artie will have plenty — he's leaving behind his girlfriend, he's going far away from home, he's moving to the big city, and he's pursuing his dream. I know, it sounds a lot like what Rachel and Kurt and Santana went through — but Artie will make it refreshing.

Option 2: Artie Moves To NYC But Doesn't Stay

Things could work out during the second half of Season 5, now that the show's transitioning to solely NYC storylines. But what if he didn't stay? This would be the best of both worlds kind of — obviously we want Artie to stay, but we also know how Glee can go stale on characters really quickly. In this situation, Artie would go to orientation and then leave for school but decide it's not the right fit. Hey, it happens to a lot of people.

We'd get to have Artie for the remainder of this season and before his storyline got boring and predictable and borderline offensive, he'd move on to something new. Which is what we want for Artie — because it'd be a shame if we started to find him as annoying as Tina Cohen-Chang.

Option 3: Artie Is Out

This doesn't seem likely at all — mostly because Glee is going to introduce us to his college friends. They wouldn't go through the trouble of introducing new characters outside of a competition setting. Artie's going to New York for either a short or extended period of time, but there's no way he's getting the axe before the show's transitions to NYC. It'd also just be a shame to lose him, both his character and his performances have received critical acclaim and he's a fan favorite. It'd be stupid to cut him out.

Image: FOX, fuckyeahglee/Tumblr