Who's The Hooded Figure In Emma's Vision On 'Once Upon A Time? Season 6 Introduces A New Mystery Villain

And here I thought we'd only have Mr. Hyde and the Evil Queen to worry about this season. But during Sunday night's Once Upon a Time Season 6 premiere, viewers were given a glimpse at a new villain who will be making his (or her) way to Storybrooke for one very specific purpose — to kill the Savior. Yes, Emma's life is officially in danger, and I'm not just talking about the regular danger that these Storybrooke residents deal with on an almost daily basis. I'm talking about actual danger that could very well lead to her death. So who was the hooded figure in Emma's vision? That's a mystery the show wants to leave unsolved... at least for now.

The way I see it is we have a vast array of options at our disposal. For starters, this could end up being someone we have yet to meet thus far and will just come out of the woodwork moments before the battle will ensue. Then we have our obvious suspects, which seem to be either Jafar or the Evil Queen, if you ask me. We saw Jafar torment Aladdin at the beginning of the episode, so who's to say that he won't come for Emma next? Otherwise his appearance would just seem kinda random. I'd prefer if that storyline plays into the overall bigger picture of Season 6.

As for the Evil Queen, we know she's going to come after Regina, but that certainly doesn't leave Emma (or anyone else for that matter) in the clear. Maybe she'll eventually seek to harness the Savior's special abilities and believes that killing Emma would be the only way to do so. Obviously, for now, this is all pure guesswork on my part, but it certainly presents fans with an interesting mystery to contemplate as the season progresses. Because whoever Emma ends up battling in her future comes out the victor. Maybe the only way to change that from happening is to find out ahead of time who the Big Bad is underneath that hood.

Image: Jack Rowand/ABC