12 Useful Car Accessories That You Actually Need

I remember how psyched I was to get my first car. It was synonymous with “absolute freedom,” even if the thing had a cassette player. Years later, I’m still grateful to have something with a working motor, but I’m all about the awesomely useful car accessories that you actually need, because you bet I’m still rocking that ’05 Hyundai, cassette player and all. After all, if you don’t necessarily have the funds for new wheels, you can always dress up the one you already have with the coolest car gadgets and essential vehicle accessories.

Whether it’s a matter of safety or entertainment, there are a few things that just about any car could use. An awesome gel-padded cushion can make your daily commute go a hell of a lot more smoothly (anyone up for some immense comfort?), while a can of Fix-A-Flat and a power bank that can handle any emergency ensure that you’re always safe, prepared, and ready for anything that gets thrown at you while you’re on the road. If you’re looking to dress up your car with some of the coolest and most useful car accessories out there, look no further than these epic gadgets.

1. Locate Your Car In The Busiest Of Parking Lots

Everyone has lost their car in a parking lot, and most have embarrassingly walked back and forth beeping their keys in an attempt to find it. This smart car locator and USB charger has two USB ports to charge your phone while in the car (faster than other cigarette-lighter chargers, too), and it also doubles as a Bluetooth tracking device that you can access from your phone to hunt down your car.

2. Mount Your Phone Without Any Installation

To conveniently view your navigation without making any permanent additions to your car, there’s this air vent smartphone car mount. It hooks onto your air vents without any installation, attaches to your phone with a super strong magnet, and swivels all different ways, so you can see the screen from any angle. This one even comes in a pack of two, so you can cover two different vehicles.

3. But If You're Wary Of Blocking Air Vents, This Grip Holds Your Phone & More

This silicone grip pad requires zero installation — just place it on your dashboard, where you can store sunglasses, keys, and cables in dual compartments. You can even use it to mount your phone, thanks to the smart tab that props it up at an angle.

3. Never Lose Your Keys (Or Phone) Again

Now that you’ve got a way to track down your car in a crowded lot, you need a way to track down your keys when they’re buried in the laundry. This bluetooth tracking tag attaches to your keys and syncs up to your phone, so you can find them anywhere. The actual tag is lightweight and modern enough to look awesome on your set.

4. Have A Place To Consolidate Trash On The Go

Keep the granola bar wrappers out of the cup holders for good with this waterproof organizer that can double as a cooler. Hang it from the door, the seat back, or behind the center console, and never let gum wrappers and the like find new homes in your car's corners again. This is especially great for long road trips, where frequent garbage disposal stops are slim, and you'd rather not store fast food containers at your feet.

5. Always Have A Clean-Looking & Fresh-Smelling Car

Ah, the inescapable layer of dust-and-shredded-tissues in your cup holder. This car vacuum cleaner plugs into your cigarette lighter to give you loads of cleaning power anywhere in your car. It’s got a long wire and a slim nozzle, so reaching under the seat isn’t an issue, and reviewers love that it’s compact, reliable, and easy to use.

6. Keep Groceries & Bags From Spilling Everywhere With This Net

How did shopping trips work before this net? No clue, but now you won't be stressing over the sounds of spilled vegetables as you pull out of the parking lot. Three pockets keep items from shifting, and its built-in hooks make temporary installation in any car pretty easy.

7. Make Any Car Bluetooth-Friendly

For anyone without a Bluetooth hookup in their car, there’s this Bluetooth FM transmitter. Not only does it have a super fast USB charging port, but it can also be used to play music from your phone or MicroSD card. The built-in microphone allows you to make hands-free calls, and reviewers are raving because it’s compact, looks great, and works really well.

8. Keep Change & Sunglasses From Falling Between Seats

Bring a little organization to your car with this KMMOTORS console side pocket. Not only does it come with a coin pocket and slot to collect all that loose change, but it has an extra cup holder and a thin pocket to hold your phone, wallet, keys, glasses, or anything else. It fits right between the seat and the console, and it’s sleek and convenient.

9. Keep Your Car Smelling Naturally Fresh

This DRIVE car air freshener is one of the most effective options for getting rid of smells in your car. It’s made from entirely natural bamboo charcoal, which soaks up tons of odors, moisture, and allergens quickly and efficiently. This one’s also got a clip, so you can hang it anywhere in your car, and reviewers are saying things like, “[It’s] a pretty amazing little square of fabric and charcoal.”

10. Improve That Daily Commute Tenfold

To make your daily commute just a tad less miserable, there’s this Kieba Coccyx seat cushion. It’s particularly innovative because it’s got a cut-out for your tailbone, which helps to align your spine and promote great posture. Since it's made from memory foam, it keeps you supported and comfortable the whole ride.

11. Never Get Caught With A Flat Again

You never want to be caught without a can of Fix-A-Flat in your trunk. It’s a safe and non-flammable formula that you can spray over any hole in your tire, and it inflates and seals in seconds. While it’s not made to be a permanent fix, it will save your rims from getting bent until you can make the permanent change.

12. A Must-Have For Any Emergency

The portable power bank might just be your absolute best friend in emergencies. This awesome little battery has the ability to jumpstart your car, charge your phone, and charge your laptop. It also has a built-in LED flashlight, and it’s totally rechargeable, so it’s one of the best things to keep in your trunk at all times.

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