36 Car Accessories That Make Life Way Easier For Less Than $30

by Cliché Wynter
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If you spend a lot of time in your car, it's important to make your riding experience as comfortable as possible. Sometimes, vehicles can be your home away from home. For that reason, it's key to stock up on a few useful Amazon car accessories that'll make your on-the-go lifestyle exponentially easier.

Whenever it's time to hit the road, I never leave without a few important essentials. The first thing on my list is this must-have power inverter. It allows me to charge multiple devices at once without running out of juice when I'm away from home — whether I need a USB input or an outlet.

Road trips call for a greater attention to detail, though. For those longer jaunts, I make sure to pack a heated electric blanket, a set of backseat organizers, and a leakproof car trash can. They all make for cozy and clean excursions, which is important when you're on the road for hours and hours. The best part? None of the aforementioned items will cost you more than $30 (seriously).

Explore the car accessories in this collection for more essentials that I guarantee will change your life for the better. Your car will be cleaner, more organized, and a lot more comfortable.


A Gooey Cleaning Gel That Smells Like Lavender

The genius thing about pliable cleaning gel is that it's able to get into the toughest spots that typical cloths can't reach. It's able to clear up dust from vents, steering wheels, and control panels with ease. Made with biodegradable material and topped off with a lavender fragrance, it's easy to use and easy on the environment.


This Gap Cover That Seals The Space Next To Your Car Seat

Are you tired of having to stretch your hands underneath your car seat to find your lipgloss or sunglasses? If so, close that space with this gap filler. It attaches to your seatbelt catch and is able to bridge the gap between your seat and the middle console. In other words, it's a total game-changer.


The Trunk Organizer To Prevent Clutter In The Back

Instead of haphazardly tossing your belongings into the back of your car, opt for a foldable trunk organizer. This storage container is built with a reinforced base, high divider walls, and sturdy handles for easy transportation. It also has a nonslip bottom that keeps it in place while the car is in motion.


A Mesh Window Shade That Keeps Harmful Rays Out

Long car rides can mean long periods of harsh exposure to the sun. Protect your passengers from the sun's rays with a mesh window shade. This one actively blocks out up to 97% of the dangerous UV rays, creating safer rides for anyone with a window seat.


This Eating Tray That Attaches To Your Steering Wheel

While I wouldn't recommend using this clip-on steering wheel desk when your vehicle is in motion, it's great to have when you're parked and want to enjoy a quick bite. You can also use the desk as a working station, because it provides a flat surface for your laptop.


The Hangers That Hold Your Bags Up To Clear Floor Space

You can give your purse its own space with this car seat headrest hanger. It prevents clutter in your vehicle and leaves your floor empty enough for ample leg room. Attach it to the front or back of your headrest and store your purse, backpack, or grocery bags.


This Bluetooth Transmitter That You Can Make Calls With

In addition to playing music, this Bluetooth FM transmitter is able to power devices up to four times faster than standard chargers — providing an 80% charge in as little as 35 minutes (with certain phones). It responds to voice commands, as it's compatible with both Google Assistant and Siri. Plus, you can use it to make calls with the touch of a button.


The Magnetic Phone Mounts That Can Be Installed In Your Vents

It's true: Phone mounts don't have to be a complicated to use. You can attach this round magnetic holder to the vent in your car and place your device on its surface. It contains four strong magnets that are able to keep your phone firmly in place, even while you're driving.


The Backseat Organizers With Pouches For Road Trip Essentials

One stray item on your car floor and quickly turn into too many. You can keep your entire vehicle clean with this set of backseat car organizers. Made with cloth, nylon, and PVC, the organizers fit over the backs of most seats to help keep them clean. You can store tablets, snacks, and essentials in the compartments.


10. A Visor Vanity Mirror That's Lined With Bright LED Lights

Whenever you're in a rush, it can be hard to find time to properly apply your makeup at home. With this clip-on car visor mirror, you'll be able to do just that. It's designed with six LED lights that allow you to get a brighter look at your visage while in transit.


This Heated Blanket For The Passenger Who's Always Cold

Road trips aren't complete without a cozy heated blanket. You can plug this one into the cigarette lighter to get power while you're on a journey. It has two heat settings (high and low) — and after about 45 minutes, the blanket will automatically shut off as a safety precaution.


An Essential Oil Diffuser With Built-In USB Ports For Your Phone

Sometimes, the air inside cars can get a bit stale and tight. Give your space a boost with this car essential oil diffuser. It doesn't use sponge filters, so it's able to improve the air quality without causing a mess. Its 360-degree rotating function also allows it to evenly emit oils, and the built-in USB ports lets you charge your phone while using it.


The Vinyl Wallet For Your Car Insurance Documents

Neatly tuck away your paperwork in this auto insurance registration pouch. The vinyl holder folds up like a wallet, and it has a transparent interior that lets you easily read the information found on important documents. It's also conveniently labeled, so you won't ever forget what's inside.


This Memory Foam Seat Cushion For Longer Trips

Sitting down for extended periods of time can take a toll on your body — especially during long trips. To soothe that pain (and avoid it altogether), try using this seat cushion. Designed with a slow-rebounding memory foam padding, it provides ultimate comfort as it adjusts to the curves of your body. It even has a strap for easy carrying between rides, along with a washable cover.


The Cup Holder Insert That Fits Bigger Bottles And Mugs

Since every car cup holder isn't the same, you might be left with a loose container that doesn't fit right. Thankfully, this adapter can adjust to different bottle shapes to keep your drinks in place. It can grip your larger water bottles and mugs while the bottom portion fits into the actual cup holder. The unit can even help protect against scratches.


A Visor Accessory That Holds Glasses And Credit Cards

Do you need a place to store your glasses and easily access them at a moment's notice? If so, I highly recommend a sunglasses mount clip. This one gives you the ability to store two pairs of glasses and a card with ease. Simply attach it to your sun visor, and you're good to go.


The Leakproof Trash Can With Extra Storage Compartments

Keep your car spotless with this waterproof garbage can. Not only does it have multiple storage compartments, but it can also collapse when it's no longer in use. The leakproof lining means you can toss your empty beverage bottles without worrying about spills on your car floor.


A Waterproof Seat Cover That's Perfect For Beach Days

Protect your seats from liquid spills with this waterproof bench cover. It’s engineered with a water-resistant polyester fabric that’s equally soft and flexible. For installation, lay it over your rear seats and secure it at the headrests. The cover is especially great for beach days with the family.


These Stick-On Mirrors That Help You See Blind Spots Better

Improve your safety with a set of stick-on blind spot mirrors. The adhesives used on these won't weaken over time, as they’re specifically meant for outdoor use. The mirrors themselves provide larger images of the road, making it easier to spot cars surrounding your vehicle. This can help relieve any uncertainty you might feel while switching lanes or driving on the highway.


The Power Inverter With USB Ports And An Outlet

This car power inverter includes two USB ports and an AC outlet. It’s set to charge tablets and phones simultaneously, ensuring you never run out of power while you’re on the road. The compact design — which is about the size of a credit card — makes it a dream to travel with.


A Car Vacuum Comes That Comes With Different Attachments

Upgrade your life on wheels with this car vacuum cleaner. The handheld device boasts a powerful suction that's capable of picking up dust, cigarette ashes, pet hair, and water. It’s a great way to keep the floors of your vehicle clean, even after long trips. The vacuum comes with a few attachments, including a nozzle for hard-to-reach spaces.


The Activated Charcoal Bags That Keep Your Car Smelling Fresh

Sometimes, it's easy for vehicles to absorb odors that are unpleasant upon entry. However, you can get rid of those undesirable scents with an air-purifying bag. This one's made from 100% activated bamboo charcoal that covers up to 90 square feet. And since the bag retains moisture, it can eliminate mold, mildew, and bacteria inside your ride.


These Groovy Cup Holders That Shine In Different Colors

Are you looking to add a little ambiance to your car? Try using these cup holder lights. After being charged for two hours, they're good to use for up to 15 days. Each cup holder gives you the option of switching between seven colors until you find your perfect hue. Plus, they'll automatically power on when it's dark or when vibrations are felt.


This Expandable Rod That You Can Hang Your Work Clothes On

If you're traveling from the gym to work, you probably want to keep your clothes wrinkle free. Thankfully, you can keep your garments in pristine condition by hanging them on this car clothes hanger, which reaches across your vehicle. It has an adjustable telescoping bar and rust-resistant end hangers. You can install it by hanging the rod on your car's grab handles.


A Smart Charger That Tracks Your Business Miles

Traveling for work can get complicated, because you usually have to track all of your driving expenses. This smart car charger comes to the rescue by allowing you to track the amount of miles you've driven for business. It also has a parking meter alert that'll help reduce the possibility of getting a ticket.


The Silicone Grip Pad That Sticks To Your Dashboard

In order to prevent the items on your dashboard from falling, you can place them inside this anti-slip grip pad. The silicone pad has a sticky gel at the base that doesn't require any additional tools for installment — and it can hold your phone, keys, toll money, and other essentials while you drive.


This Tile Mate That Helps You Locate Misplaced Keys

Misplacing your keys is always a bummer, especially when you're in a rush. Make it easier to find them next time with a Tile Mate. The tiny square can be fastened to your keychain — and when you press the button on a separate remote, your item will ring if it's within a 200-foot radius. The corresponding app also remembers when and where you last placed your belongings.


These Extra-Absorbent Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

A pack of microfiber cloths gives you the freedom to clean with chemical-based solutions or just water. These ones are non-abrasive and won't scratch surfaces as they leave behind a streak-free shine. The cloths are also capable of absorbing up to eight times their weight, and they can be washed and reused countless times.


These Fuzzy Seatbelt Shoulder Pads Made With Faux Sheepskin

Bare seatbelts can be tough and uncomfortable as they stretch across your body. Make your travels a bit cozier with a set of faux sheepskin seatbelt covers. These fuzzy slips eliminate that restrictive feeling that comes with wearing a seatbelt. Simply secure them into your car with the included Velcro and stay safe while you drive.


The Multicolored Car Lights That Can Adjust To Your Music

These interior car lights make road trips even more fun than they already are. They come with a remote control that allows you to change the color and the lighting mode. Whether you want a steady stream of shine or a strobing effect, you can easily alter the mood. Plus, with the "Sound Active" mode, the lights will adjust to the music that you're playing.


An Easy-To-Use Gadget That Tracks Your Tire Pressure

This air pressure gauge will give you information on your tire pressure. It's designed with an LED-lit nozzle that can be held up to your tire's stem for an accurate reading every time. The handheld device also includes four different measurement settings, which are accessible with a single button. It even has a power-saving mode that'll shut down the unit after 30 seconds of non-usage.


These Rubber Floor Mats That Catch Dirt And Spills

Owning a set of rubber mats is the key to keeping your car floors clean. These ones have deep grooves that are able to catch debris, dirt, and even liquid while you use them. Plus, each mat can be customized to perfectly fit your vehicle. They're also engineered to withstand the elements of the weather.


A Transparent Sun Visor Extender For Those Bright Sunset Rides

You can keep the sun's rays at bay with this visor extender, which basically acts as a clear extension to your car's original visor. According to the brand, it was designed with NASA's polarizing technology that tones down the light. Plus, the scratch-resistant extender ensures that there aren't any gaps between your visor and the attachment.


This Convenient Tissue Box Holder That Attaches To Your Visor

Instead of searching through your glove compartment for a napkin, secure your tissues onto the visor with this car tissue holder. Made with faux leather, the holder can be secured using the attached clip. It also comes with a free pack of tissue refills.


A Durable Cover That Protects Your Windshield From Snow

Whenever it snows, it's always a chore to clean the ice off your windshield. By using this waterproof windshield snow cover — which is made with four durable layers of material — you'll be able to protect your vehicle from those weather elements. Plus, in the summer, it'll help keep the temperature inside your car down.


The Steering Wheel Cover That Keeps Your Hands Comfortable

This steering wheel cover is designed with soft, breathable fabric that'll keep your hands comfortable (regardless of the season). The cover also has an anti-slip surface that gives you a firm grip on the wheel, and it won't absorb odor. It's easy to install and comes in various different colors.

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