11 Trump Wigs To Win Halloween With

by Lani Seelinger

So you want to be Donald Trump for Halloween. You’ve got the suit. You’ve practiced the face. What remains? Well, only the most important part. Without further ado, here are 11 Donald Trump wigs to complete your Halloween costume.

The problem is that, like all presidential candidates, not all Donald Trump wigs are created equal. With so many choices in front of you, how do you find the perfect wig? You’ve got a lot to think about – color, texture, price, thickness, wind-proofness, and more. It’s like choosing a house, or a presidential candidate. You wouldn’t want to make the wrong choice and then end up regretting it for years after. After all, eight years from now, who wants to be looking back at old photos and thinking, "Gosh, I wish I'd worn a better Donald Trump wig," or "Gosh, I wish I'd picked a better presidential candidate," right?

As for that wig, I've done the searching so you don’t have to. Have no fear; your guide to Donald Trump wigs is here! Take a look, but then don’t dawdle on making this important decision – Halloween is sneaking up on us, much like the Donald himself, and many of these wigs are selling out fast.

1. Learn From The Man Himself

Trump Wig, $18, Ebay

As you can see, Donald Trump modeled this wig from eBay himself. Oh, that’s Photoshop, you say? Well, fooled me! The blonde may be a little too blonde, and the hair on the sides may be a little too thick, but when you affix it to a picture of Trump and don’t show any real details about the actual product, you’ve sold me.

2. Go With The Pros

The Billionaire Wig, $4, Amazon

Sometimes, it’s best to turn to the professionals — in this case, to Rubies, one of the top costume manufacturers in the world (a title anyone should be thrilled to claim). You can find its fine products on Amazon, and at only $9 on sale, this wig is a real thrill. The main problem with it isn’t the combover, but instead the hair – my only hesitation is that it lacks Trump’s signature feathery quality. Plus, the color is a bit too rich and golden.

3. Focus On The Color

Donald Trump Billionaire Candidate Costume Wig, $30, The Wig Outlet

One of the best out there comes from, proving that those Aussies are possibly having the best time in this whole mess. Not only does this wig pay exceptional attention to the different colors present at different places on Trump’s noggin, but it also manages to capture that frayed texture. You’ll have to splurge a bit, though, as this one’s going for $29.99.

4. Live Trump’s Dream

Donald Trump Deluxe Version, $24, Amazon

With this wig, you can have the head of hair the Donald always dreamed of, but was never quite able to muster himself. It’s full, wavy, and, of course, bright orange. Note: Those going for realism will most likely want to avoid.

5. Top It Off With A Cap

Make America Great Again Hat, $17, Halloween Costumes

Some of you might be thinking that the wig alone isn’t enough — you want the now-iconic hat! Thanks to this U.S.-based Halloween store, you can get both in one package. You might notice that the hair is a bit blonder than what Donald actually has, but on the bright side, you’ll be getting it at a steal, at under $20. Now that, my friend, is the art of the deal.

6. When You're Running Out Of Options

Donald T Boss Costume Wig, $20, Amazon

The name of this wig, you have to admit, is in its favor. Who wouldn't want to wear something called "Donald T. BOSS" on their head?

7. Go Weatherproof

Quality Wind-Tested Wig, $25, Amazon

If you hail from Chicago, or you think you’ll be heading out into gale-force winds (hey, you never know what’ll happen on Halloween night), definitely go for the wind-tested version. This wig also requires some minor styling when you receive it, which just adds to the fun! This is another case in which you’ll get excellent color variety. The best color variety, really. People are saying it’s really really huge color variety.

8. Take Inspiration From Around The House

If you’re trying to save money and you happen to have a cat around the house, start brushing. Eventually, you’ll have enough downy fur to fashion your very own cat hair trump wig, as so many have done before you to great effect. Works best if you have an orange or otherwise light-colored cat, although points for effort if you have a cat of another color.

9. Connect With Nature

It can be harder than you think to tell Trump apart from a longhaired guinea pig. If you’ve got easy access to one of those, no need for wig shopping! Just throw this guy on your head, bring a couple of carrots to keep him busy (they might also help with the color), and you’re all set.

10. Let Your Best Friend Help You

Like with the cats above, but with dogs. On the bright side, dogs are often bigger than cats, and the raw material for the wig will thus be easier to come by. On the dark side, you better hope it’s not raining out – no one likes the smell of wet dog.

11. Take To The Forests

These caterpillars first made news years before Trump even decided to run for president, when he was only a “real estate mogul” and we were still young and innocent. Nowadays, sales of Trump wigs are high, and you might run into those two horrific words you fear the most while you do your shopping: SOLD OUT. In that case, you can always find one of these little cuties in your local forest or park and find some way to attach it to your head.

One minor downside to using one of these guys as a costume piece is that their fuzziness is actually made up of terribly poisonous barbs, and one species is actually the most poisonous caterpillar in the US. Then ... that’s exactly the thing that would really complete your costume!

Images: Ebay;;; MaxWigs;; Voguewigs;; @trumpyourcat/Instagram; Fotolia, Rainforest Expedition Lodges/Facebook.