13 Alternatives To Halloween Candy To Give Trick-Or-Treaters

This Halloween, instead of contributing to your neighborhood's collective cavity count, try giving out some fun alternatives to Halloween candy for trick-or-treaters. You don't want to be the adult who passes out toothbrushes or bottles of water or packets of raisins — in kid speak, that's a quick way to make it on the "Not Cool" list. Instead, get crafty and creative and opt for some hand outs that are still treats, even if they're not candy.

You can get as DIY or lazy as you want this Halloween, all you have to do is a little bit of planning a head of time. There are tons of Halloween-themed favors that are super affordable and come in large sets, so you don't have to worry about running out. Do make sure that if you're packaging your own edible favors, that you properly label them or explain to your trick or treaters what's in them. Not only do tons of kids have allergies, but tons of parents are nervous about treats that are not sealed. I know my mom went through my collection at the end of the night and threw away anything that wasn't in proper packaging.

So save a few teeth, make a few dentists happy with you, and go with this list of 13 different options for candy alternatives this year. They range from super crafty to super lazy, but are all bound to be big hits:

Temporary Tattoos


Kids love temporary tattoos, so they won't be disappointed to miss out on candy for a chance to get some new "ink". Get some spook-themed tattoos at your local craft store and put them in a bowl outside your door so the kids can pick their favorite.


Go to your local farmer's market and get some honey sticks. They're a healthier alternative to candy and are still sweet and fun to eat.



Pop some popcorn and put it in individual baggies. Play around with different flavors if you like: white cheddar, lime, or caramel. Your trick or treaters will be happy to have it for when they watch their favorite scary movie.


If you're unsure whether or not you're going to get a lot of trick or treaters and you're looking for a candy alternative, grab a bag of mini apples and keep them on stand by. If you end up having leftovers, you can make yourself an apple pie or apple sauce.

Mini Pumpkins


Get a crate or two of mini pumpkins for your trick-or-treaters. If you're feeling creative you can draw faces on them or write Halloween messages.

Mini Cereal Boxes

Kids love cereal, and these have a long shelf life, so there's not a lot of pressure. Go to your local grocery store and get a pack of mixed cereal and let your trick-or-treaters choose which they'd like.



Go to your local craft store and get a few Halloween-themed stamps. Maybe a monster face, maybe a Halloween message, maybe an invisible ink glow stamp. Whenever a trick-or-treater comes to your door, tell them to put out their hand and give it a stamp!

Glow-In-The-Dark Stickers

If you want to do something different for Halloween, this is a great option. The kids can play with the stickers and decorate their costumes, or they can take them home and put them on their bedroom walls.

Lip Balm


Get a mix of different colors and flavors. Decorate the tubes with Halloween stickers if you like, for extra vibes. Everyone's always happy to have another lip balm.

Instant Pictures

If you have an instant camera, get some extra film and have your trick or treaters pose for a picture and then give them the instant print for them to keep. You can't top a frozen memory.

Hot Chocolate Packets


It's something different, but it's still a treat. The kids might be happy to have something to look forward to making when they get home, so it will go to good use.

Cracker Snack-Pack

Nearly everything at the grocery store will be Halloween themed as we get closer to the date. Get a big box of individually wrapped crackers that have a festive design on the packaging. If you can't find any, just get your own Halloween stickers and put them on the bags.



If you're really looking for brownie points in the community, get a ton of pizza and pass it out to trick or treaters. Don't be surprised if you're voted mayor.

Images: Pexels, Giphy