Where To Buy Plus Size Tights For Fall

Most autumn lovers know that the months between December and the following September are just a countdown: A ticking time bomb to the return of the greatest season known to mankind. If you're plus size, however, you may be asking yourself where to buy plus size tights before fall is in full swing. The season's great for a lot of reasons (changing leaves, pumpkin patches, and crisper temperatures among them), but the comeback of an accessory so versatile, comfortable, and effortlessly cool is definitely one of the top five. Unfortunately, being above a size 14 or 16 can mean that finding such garments isn't always as easy as devouring some old-fashioned sweet potato pie.

Once upon a time not so long ago, plus size tights maxed out around the "queen" size, which could mean anything from the equivalent of a size U.S. 12 to a 20, depending on the brand. Finding anything unique or larger meant hunting down speciality shops — and pre-2013 or so, there weren't many of those around, either.

Purchasing cute plus size tights still isn't as simple as it might be for our straight size counterparts (though if we're being honest, when is plus size shopping ever that simple?), but it's certainly a lot more doable these days thanks to indie retailers and big names alike. Here are 11 places to shop all your autumnal leg-accessory needs.

1. We Love Colors

Nylon/Lycra Plus Size Fishnet Pantyhose, $11, We Love Colors

We Love Colors is a phenomenal shopping destination where you can find just about any hue of tights your heart desires in fishnet, opaque, striped, or tie-dye form. Just because autumn is all about the burnt oranges and forest greens doesn't mean you can't throw in some neon pink, lavender, or sky blue pantyhose into the mix.

These babies are made up to a size EE, which should fit tights-wearing babes up to 6-feet tall and 375 pounds.

2. Target

Ava & Viv Women's Plus Size Tights, $12, Target

Ava & Viv's plus size line at Target makes for a pretty good deal in the tights department. Featuring mostly basics — like opaque or spotted black designs — sizes extend to a 4X. This particular aesthetic is very vintage boudoir, and perfect for every LBD in your fall arsenal.

3. Sonsee

Opaque 100 Denier Full Tights, $35, Sonsee

If you're a perpetual pantyhose-ripper like myself, Sonsee's tights will be a godsend. They are some of the most durable out there, and the brand's colors tend to range from a solid black to blue to magenta to gray. What's better still is that Sonsee utilizes glorious descriptors for its sizing range. A 14-16 is deemed size "Gorgeous," for example, while a 26-28 is "Radiant."

4. ASOS Curve

ASOS Curve Bats, Stars, And Moon Tights, $13, ASOS

Available in sizes 14 to 22, ASOS' tights are perfectly season-appropriate — with motifs that'll see you through Halloween and knitted textures for those cool evenings outs. Even though tights are a fall staple, however, ASOS keeps many of its pantyhose available year-round.

5. Torrid

Pointelle Stripe Tights, $14, Torrid

If there's one brand that can be counted on for hybridizing current trends with classic basics, it's Torrid. And what's the perfect accessory for your trendy and comfy threads alike? Tights, of course. Available up to a size 4X, these guys are typically quite durable and oh-so-chic.

6. Walmart

George Women's Opaque To Waist Tights, $6, Walmart

Truth be told, a fan-favorite among many plus size fashionistas when it comes to tights is Walmart. Inexpensive, durable, and available up to a size 5 (which roughly translates to a 26), these gems are ideal for fellow perpetual tights-rippers and budget-friendly babes alike.

7. Just My Style

Just My Style Nylon Tights, $8, Just My Size

If you're on the hunt for solid black, brown, blue, or beige tights, Just My Size will have you covered. In the end, everything goes with a pair of solid pantyhose. Some of these styles extend to a 6X, making this one of the more inclusive retailers out there.

8. Catherine's

Opaque Tights, $16, Catherine's

At Catherine's, several styles are produced up to a size 7X, accommodating folks who weigh up to 450 pounds and/or have 85-inch hips. With prices that won't break the bank and a solid assortment of opaque and nude styles, this destination might just be one of the best out there in terms of genuine size inclusion.

9. Lane Bryant

Open Weave Tights, $20, Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant's tights operate on a letter scale, the largest size being an F that can accommodate folks in the 300 to 400 pound range. Some fan-favorites are the ribbed, knitted, and see-through styles — all proven to be totally stylish and free from the slippage that places your pantyhose underneath your buttocks a few minutes into wear.

10. SimplyBe

Two Pack Polka Dot/Plain Fashion Tights, $20, SimplyBe

SimplyBe's two-packs are a great way to get yourself a basic pair of tights alongside a quirkier one, so that every sartorial need is met. Sizes tend to extend up to a 28, and the construction of these babies means you get a little extra fabric as the waist, thighs, and butt for a decent amount of chafing prevention.

11. Full Beauty

Two Pack Opaque Footed Tights By Comfort, $25, Full Beauty

Full Beauty is one of the most plus size inclusive retail destinations on the internet, known for selling garments in sizes 12 to 44. Its tights are no different. With many styles available up to an 8X, babes between 150 and 500 pounds can feel catered to. And what's better still is that its opaque basics come in a glorious variety of autumnal hues, like dark basil and raisin.

No longer does decorating your beautiful limbs in pantyhose and tights have to be limited to the straight size crowd, friends. With an ever-increasing assortment of available options, plus size babes between 1X and 8X are finally starting to get some choices. And choices are, after all, one of the key things the fatshion community has been craving for decades.

Images: Marie Southard Ospina; Courtesy Brands