Here's What You Can Expect From Luke Cage's Harlem

Netflix may be gearing up for The Defenders, but, before then, Luke Cage has to defend Harlem all on his own. Following Luke's introduction in Jessica Jones, the bulletproof hero (played by Mike Colter) has left Hell's Kitchen to lead his own life. However, with powers like his and an entire city full of crime, this sympathetic superhuman can't hide for long. In fact, in previous trailers for Marvel's Luke Cage , Luke's moral compass made sure that he never fell asleep on the job of protecting his hometown of Harlem. Now, in the final trailer for Luke Cage , the villains of Harlem are on display, and it's clear to see why Luke Cage had no other choice but to step-up his superhero game.

In Luke Cage, Harlem's biggest crime boss comes is Mahershala Ali's Cornell Stokes (also known as Cottonmouth). Stokes is out for the "control" and "power" that fulfills those making a living in the crime-ridden borough. In his efforts to be the king of the city, Cottonmouth isn't letting anyone or anything get in his way. That's why there's no room for Cage in the villain's world — even if (and, in fact, especially because) he can't be physically shot down.

With his money and his legacy on the line, Stokes will do everything from throw someone off a building to lead Harlem-wide heists so he comes out on top. And this new preview of the show makes it clear that Marvel actually isn't veering too far from the comics. Much like Cottonmouth and Luke Cage's comic book relationship, in the Netflix original series, Stokes grows aware of the threat Cage holds in knowing too much about his empire. Even so, Luke Cage has little to fear. As Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) says to Cage herself, "There's nothing that could hurt you. So what the hell are you afraid of?"

Cottonmouth and Luke Cage's feud will all play out on Netflix on September 30. Marvel fans, we're in for a real war. Brace yourselves.

Images: Courtesy of Netflix